May 23 2006

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Because I hate Banespa, Chapter 1 – One month to open the account

I went to open an account in Banespa to receive my payment because it is the only bank that the company works. I went to the bank at the end of March and told you was in a hurry as it could get without receiving, the manager assured me that I would receive the card, checkbook, etc… in tops 10 days. Have passed 10 working days and did not get anything, I called the agency and found that the bill was not even been opened. The manager said he lacked a stamp with the CNPJ in the letter the company. Why did not she tell me this before? It had been 2 weeks!!! Ultimately, arranged the stamp and waited more 1 week, then I called the agency again but there was no way the manager meet me, always said the extension it was busy. So I called in 0800 and said I was not even a register there, much less an account!!! I made a complaint in 0800 and advised that you wanted more account that agency. After a few days they called me saying that the account was open. In other words, when I would not have opened, quando eu não queria mais abriram

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