May 24 2006

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The “virus” that clones do Orkut profile…

Now the new rumor of the moment are viruses that clone Orkut profile. Yes, those viruses that supposedly cloned the profile of the citizen and begin sending messages with links to malware for his friends.

Orkut is known to frequently exhibit serious flaws in your system, but this time the blame is not theirs. Blame the people who is going into websites that send messages, drawings and other junk mass. They enter their logins and passwords to third party websites that they do not know who and when someone comes into their profiles to send viruses begin to create conspiracy theories about cloned profiles…

So you already know, if someone is sending malware to your profile and you are adept those annoying scrapbook designs via, I have no doubt, it's your fault and yours alone. There will invent viruses cloners profiles to justify putting their ingenuity in getting your login and password on third party sites. Moreover, who does this sort of thing should have deleted your profile to learn not to send those annoying scraps collective.

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If I get desenhinhos collective, I delete the comment and denounce the person. If I'm grumpy, the risk of deleting the person from my list increases. (already happened)

That bad people..