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Tributes to corinthianos

New sponsors for Corinthians:

a) Rayovac: for acender to lanterninha.
b) Philco: to improve image.
C) Volkswagen: to learn to score.
d) Toyota: for sair da lama.
and) Igreja Universal: because only God saves.
f) Vale do Rio Doce: for either “helm” only takes iron.
g) Nestlé: for either “helm” só toma chocolate.


P: What is the similarity between Corinthians and Guga?
R: Neither knows how to play on grass!


Promotion at Parque São Jorge:
* Fan wearing club shirt pays half.
* Fan wearing shirt and shorts club comes for free.
* Fan wearing full uniform can warm up and play for Corinthians!


At the hearing on divorce, lacked decide who would be the Zequinha.
The judge decided to hear the boy?
– You want to stay with his mother?
– Not, she beats me too!
– Then you will stay with your father?
– Not. He also hits me very?
– But with whom you want to stay then? With an uncle, grandmother,…?
– I want to stay with Corinthians!
– Why E? – strange his honor.
– Because the Corinthians not hit anyone!


What is the similarity between the alcohol and the car keeper “helm”?
R: It's just when they are needed, neither picks.


You know why you can not read the Corinthians Sheet Sunday?
R: Because Sunday is the day of sorted.

The president of Corinthians, tired the last vexation, decided to spy on a neighbor's workout Palmeiras.
And saw that the players train with their dolls. Immediately sent to buy dolls for your club.
In the late afternoon, solves just pass to see the result of the team's first practice with the dolls.
O result: Two Zero for the dolls!


A palmerense was a store of $ 1.99 to buy a notebook. Passing a note in the box gave two real and heard:
– Desculpe-I, We wk troco, may be three shirts for Corinthians?


Prophet was walking down the street when he sees a man crying.
– Why cry?
– Because I'm hungry.
Prophet shared his bread with the poor man. He continued walking and saw another guy crying.
– And you, Why cry?
– Because sou paralyzed.
Prophet passed his hand over the man's leg and he returned to ride. Later, saw another guy crying.
– And you, the reason for your tears?
– Sou Corinthians and my time just lose!
Prophet knelt beside the Corinthians and began to cry too!


Last news: The bus driver's delegation Corinthians was arrested for illegal transportation of drugs!


Corinthians will make a friendly in Ethiopia. The government wants to show that there is something worse than hunger!

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