jun 30 2007

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Keyboards ABNT 2 with several different layouts

Previously choose the layout of a keyboard was easy: was the American standard and the Brazilian standard, also known as ABNT and ABNT 2 respectively.

The difference is that the ABNT 2 had the ↓ key and some other (mainly accents) in different positions.

Time passed and the ABNT 2 turned a zone:
– has keyboard with a ENTER Strait occupies two lines, another with a broad Enter while occupying one line
– the backslash is sometimes next to the left SHIFT, sometimes next to a reduced BACKSPACE, and sometimes above the flat ENTER
– The BACKSPACE in turn sometimes occupies the space of just one button, sometimes occupies the space of two
– the right SHIFT is sometimes shifted slightly to the left to make room for a Turbo button, in this case several keys are shifted to top
– On some keyboards the Power key took the place of the Print Screen, which took the place of Insert, which has replaced the Delete

Short, ABNT 2 can not be called standard, that pattern is one that has dozens of variations? Should at least use some differentiation as ABNT second, ABNT 2b, I do not know… something that would make it easier on the purchase, because buy online without seeing a large photo of the keyboard to check out all the keys does not. Just say the keyboard is ABNT 2 not to say anything at all.

I'm tired of suffering every time I buy a keyboard because I never equal to what I'm used, and this happens not only with Clones, MTeks e Dr Hanks, even Microsoft and Logitech have several different layouts.

The issues are:
– All these keyboards are really standardized by ABNT?
– Which one would be the “correct”?

And to get an idea of ​​what is the most common: what is your?

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