nov 14 2007

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Confirmation MMS Vivo, a joke

Someone explains why the confirmation MMS Vivo comes well:

“His message was to 55199739XXXX Retrieved”

Detail: the number that appears is the sender, when it should appear obviously the recipient.

Choose how many options you want:

( ) Because Vivo is incompetent and does not know to translate the word retrieved
( ) Because Vivo is incompetent and translated by half
( ) Because Vivo is incompetent and does not know the difference between sender and receiver
( ) I do not know, but that Vivo is incompetent, it sure is.

I leave that to the hangers-on and Vivo shareholders respond.

Recalling that each MMS message costs £ absurd 0,90 and half of them are lost along the way (but are charged the same way)

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