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Google today launched Google Chrome

Confirming many rumors about the launch of a Google browser itself today announced on its official blog the launch of Google Chrome. A comics showing how the browser works was also provided. In the post Google also states that a beta version (and there is something Google is not beta?) will be launched today in 100 countries.

The great Google Chrome initial advantage seems to be a much improved JavaScript engine, able to use multi-thread, avoiding those annoying crashes that occur in our current browsers when JavaScript stops and everything stops with him. The best use of multicore processors is something very desirable and finally the software houses are paying attention.

And is that Google Chrome will be able to conquer the growing group of users Firefox? You will be able to unseat or Internet Explorer (which as always has the advantage of already come installed with the operating system)? And most importantly in my opinion: Google will no longer support the Mozilla Foundation now has its own browser? If this happens it could affect the Firefox destination?

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Hermes Alves

Outro post legal sobre o Google Chrome http://googlechrome.argohost.net/


Se deixarem de apoiar o Mozilla vai ser difícil o FF continuar crescendo. Só falta esse ramo para que o Google domine por completo a internet. Talvez estamos prestes de ver uma extinção do FF