jan 14 2009

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DealExtreme: Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs

And we're going to review the Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs (3-LED Dynamo Battery-free Flashlight), product of the first packet 2009 of DealExtreme. I had already bought a lantern in these one of my first purchases, so I'll repeat what I said there. This flashlight does not need batteries, reloads just pulling a cord (connected to the dynamo) that recharges its internal battery. It also has a dial to control the brightness and measures only 10.9 cm in length, 2.9 cm diameter and 3.3 cm in head. For specifications on the box says that the internal battery is the type of NiMH 3.6V and 80mA, which is a good news, because NiMH batteries do not suffer from the memory effect of NiCd. Also according to the package, tow rope for 1 minute is enough to 30 functioning minutes, and guarantor of full load 2,5 a 3 operating hours (Also according to the specification). It's a good buy for those who want to have a flashlight that does not need to be worrying about buying and changing batteries.

Some time after the string eventually leaking and entering into the body of the flashlight, which forced me to break it to get open (since she has no way normally open), and then repair the damage with electrical tape, as reported here, but after that it continues working well until today.

Here are some photos of the new usherette, that arrived in perfect working, despite the box come somewhat destroyed by post, the model is SD-2273, as can be seen in box:

Lanterna de Dínamo com 3 LEDs

Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs on the packaging

Lanterna de Dínamo com 3 LEDs

Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs

Lanterna de Dínamo com 3 LEDs

Dynamo Lanterna com 3 LEDs

And I close my review here. Wait for the review of the adapter controls for PC and Playstation tava notebook / PC. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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