jan 06 2014

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Now it gives to buy at DealExtreme (DX) Banking and paying for Billet

A recurring question here in Skooter Blog for at least 5 years was always this: Can you buy in DX – DealExtreme, and pay by bank transfer? The answer was always no, but now that has changed. Yes, it is possible to buy in DX – DealExtreme and pay by bank transfer.

Just enter the DX – DealExtreme, select products usually, put them in the cart and choose the option “Proceed to Checkout”. Then, in section “Payment Method” just choose the option “Bank slip – EBANX”. EBANX is the partner of DX – DealExtreme that will generate the ticket that can be paid in the banking network, the lottery or Internet Banking. Note that you need to make a record in EBANX also. Then just pay the ticket and wait for confirmation of DX and sending the goods.

For those who have no international credit card this is excellent news, as this eliminates the need to be buying third-party PayPal credits or depending on other intermediaries “Unofficial”, and taking risks that are no longer needed.

One advantage of pay with bank payment is that the IOF in this case is 0,38%, instead of 6,38% credit card. The downside is that the dollar exchange rate used by EBANX is higher than PayPal, and thus the lower IOF advantage eventually disappears.

Remember, the IOF is charged by the federal government and has no relation to the DX or the EBANX. The IOF rate on credit card was 2,00% when Lula took office. He rose to 2,38% and then increased to Dilma 6,38%, in other words, such tax was more than triplicate during the administration of PT. It is always good to pass this information, because to announce reduction in energy bill (that to this day I have not seen) has ad on national radio and television chain. But tax increase is always done with the least possible fuss, and this rather the impact comes quickly to our pockets, and always without any benefit in return, as costume.

So if you also want to shop in DX – DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, either with credit card or bank slip, click here and good shopping. 🙂

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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    Carlos André

    Skooter, put an r in the word pay title. Delete this comment after.

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      Hello Carlos André,
      The “r” is there, but has a problem in theme that sometimes cuts some letters title, It is usually only partially, but this time happened to disappear with the whole letter. I need to take time to try to find this error and correct. Anyway thanks for the warning.

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    Promoting DealExtreme (DX): 5% Off Billet Banking Payments

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