sea 04 2015

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Problems and Solutions: Failed Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows installation 7 and .NET Framework 4

This problem occurs with the installation of Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4, compiler often used to generate .mex files in Matlab.

The solution that worked found here e reproduzo:

This is an issue with Microsoft Windows SDK 7.1. It may occur under two scenarios:

1. If you have Microsoft Visual C 2010 SP1 (Express or Professional) installed.

2. If you have Microsoft Visual C 2010 redistributable packages (x64 or x86) installed.

The details on the issue from Microsoft are below:



To avoid this issue:

1. Uninstall the Microsoft Visual C 2010 redistributable packages (both x86 as well as x64) from “Control Panel” > “Programs and Features”. If you have trouble uninstalling them, see related solution 1-NBI41W at the bottom.

2. Install the Windows SDK 7.1. During installation, under the “Installation Options” menu, UNCHECK the “Visual C Compilers” and “Microsoft Visual C 2010” components.

3. Apply the SDK 7.1 patch from below:


4. Reinstall the Microsoft Visual C 2010 redistributable packages.






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