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Problems and Solutions: Upgrading to Windows 10 with Asus motherboard Z97-DELUXE, wraps around 32% (6% installing drivers)

This problem affects the Asus Z97-DELUXE and probably also other cards that have WiFi. When you upgrade to Windows 10, installation goes well until the screws 32%, or 6% installing device drivers and step. There does not come out anymore, We need to force a restart and then Windows restores the previous version.

I tried several solutions, but what really worked was disable WiFi and motherboard Bluetooth directly into the BIOS. Then the Windows installation 10 runs quietly. Depois que a instalação está completa é só reativar novamente WiFi e Bluetooth na BIOS e eles até funcionam normalmente sem precisar de novos drivers. Seria melhor se a Microsoft tivesse trabalhado direito, mas pelo menos esseremendo” works. 😛

Outro problema que notei após a instalação foi que o menu Iniciar não aparecia ao clicar no ícone. Verificando as configurações notei que o Windows 10 estava achando que eu tinha dois monitores, sendo o primeiro ligado ao chipset Intel e o segundo à placa de vídeo da NVidia. The solution was to disable the BIOS option that keeps the motherboard video output connected to a second monitor. In fact I had left this option on to leave the GPU working to eventually use it for video processing, but perhaps not this the correct option.

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