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Problems and Solutions: “Search the Web and Windows” not working for Windows 10

One of the most annoying bugs I found in Windows 10 and that Microsoft has yet to fix it is the one in the box “Search the Web and Windows” crashes. Usually happens after Windows back from sleep mode. When this occurs, get something in the box “Search the Web and Windows” makes the dots indicating that the search is being carried out remain running indefinitely.

The solution I had been using was restarting Windows, which is obviously very uncomfortable and can not always be done, because eventually there are tasks that can not be stopped running. But I ended up finding a “solution” better, which is actually a workaround faster and without prejudice to the tasks running: just kill the process SearchUI.exe Windows to start again and the box “Search the Web and Windows” volta a funcionar.

"Pesquisar na Web e no Windows" no Windows 10, when it is working properly

“Search the Web and Windows” no Windows 10, when it is working properly


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