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Refilling Cartridges HP 950, 950XL, 951, 951XL

This week I made my first refill an HP 950XL cartridge. It's probably the most peaceful loading cartridge I've ever used. It has not been tested, for I am still using the original second on my Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus. Legend has it that you must have at least 3 sets of cartridges and go making the caster, because the printer remembers the last two cartridges serial numbers that were used in each color, so that you refuse a refilled cartridge, unless you have seen two cartridges and, therefore, “forgetful” who has used the cartridge will now be reloaded.

At least that was the version that counted when a purchase Multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus. Since then I've seen instructions where two sets and even enough instructions that are needed four sets (the printer remember the last three). For now only have the set of setup and two sets XL. I hope it works out, but I will have to purchase a third set. There are other solutions, involving disable ink level indicators, make changes to the print head, use alternative chips, keep your printer with outdated firmware, etc., but such solutions do not like me very.

Instructions for recharging also vary, I adopted the scheme indicated by Octopus, German website that sells paint and supplies to recharge, But changing the QU-Fill they sell and costs 14,95 Euros each(!) for a cheaper plastic solution I found in Brazil even. This are the items I used:

  1. Tintas Inktec para cartuchos HP 940, 940XL, 942XL, 950 e 950XL
  2. Kit 4 Connectors Bicos Pressurizar Cartridges Hp Pro
  3. Syringes 20ml + 16G needles 10 cm length
  4. Scotch tape
  5. Paper toalha
  6. Newspaper or other paper (to line the table and do damage)

Primeiramente injeta-se ar no cartucho pela válvula de saída com ajuda da syringe and the nozzle connector pressurization, forcing the air out of the bags that are connected to the ventilation holes. Then, with the adhesive tape covers up the 5 ar entries do cartridge HP 950XL. After only inserts the nozzle connector, without syringe, to release or do ar inside cartridge.

Then, filling the syringe with Tinta Inktec specific black with help 10cm needle. The needle is then carefully removed, and in its place stands it nozzle connector pressurization. Is part of the nozzle slightly on the cartridge ink outlet, lightly pressing the valve. There was only going pressing and slowly pulling the plunger repeatedly, placing a few milliliters of ink in each repeat. Thus, the paint will air coming in and going out. I repeated the process twice, putting 53 ml de tinta no total. The amount of ink to be placed in the cartridge varies depending on the model:

Standard version

  • HP 950 Black: 23 ml
  • HP 951 Cyan: 9 ml
  • HP 951 Magenta: 9 ml
  • HP 951 Yellow: 9 ml

XL version

  • HP 950 Black XL: 53 ml
  • HP 951 Cyan XL: 17 ml
  • HP 951 Magenta XL: 17 ml
  • HP 951 Yellow XL: 17 ml

Terminada a recarga é só limpar os eventuais excessos com o papel toalha e está pronto. Luvas para não sujar as mãos e produtos de limpeza para deixar o cartucho bonitinho sem marca de tinta por fora, etc. também são recomendados. Façam como eu digo, não como eu faço. 😛

Também recomendo fortemente marcar bem e separar seringa, agulha e bico utilizados, deixando-os exclusivamente para uma determinada cor, evitando causar eventuais contaminações.

Algumas fotos do processo:

Preparing the HP cartridge refill 950XL

Preparing the HP cartridge refill 950XL

HP 950XL cartridge with the air vents capped with tape

HP 950XL cartridge with the air vents capped with tape

Putting ink and making the HP 950XL cartridge air

Putting ink and making the HP 950XL cartridge air

Recharging completed successfully on HP 950XL cartridge

Recharging completed successfully on HP 950XL cartridge

As of costume, refill cartridges with these instructions is at your own risk. The cartridge can leak and ruin. The printer can claim, burn, explode. And “recycler” it charges to put stamp ink in your cartridge may get angry. If you do not want to risk, Buy and use only original cartridges. A HP agradece. 🙂

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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  1. 1

    Olá friend. Thanks for sharing the information. I plan on using HP refillable cartridges 950 in my HP 8620. You Recommend? And other: quando você efetua a recarga e não troca o chip, the printer does not recognize as if the cartridge was empty? Hug.

    1. 1.1

      Olá Angelo,
      I do not really like refillable cartridges because they do not usually have the same characteristics of the original. In some cases it has no air pocket, which is one of the mechanisms to take the cartridge ink, and the long term this leads air to the printheads.
      As the chip, I not yet put the refilled cartridge to learn, but the tutorials say that it takes to 2 a 4 games and go alternating for the printer remembers the last or even the last three cartridges that were used.

      1. 1.1.1
        Angelo Mattos

        Thanks for the reply. I think I'll choose the same original cartridges and refilling them here at home. I also have the same Inktec you got. I searched the ML HP cartridges 950 and 951 XL for sale, but only against SETUP and won expiration date. Does it have problem? Or that expiration date is just to paint it? Thanks again.

        1. Skooter

          Some of my already passed “data de término da garantia” and continue working. The SETUP fit very little ink, to recharge not know if it's a good, It would have to be carrying all the time. My I kept here to be with 3 games and make the cycle, but I do not know if I'll need to put ink on them or just put the empty cartridge the printer already “forget” one of the previous.

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