out 26 2015

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Master System II da Tec Toy, Alex Kidd in the memory cartridge and Summer Games: No More Missing

Just over a year I wrote here at Blog Skooter on the video game console was missing me: the Master System II Tec Toy Promotion Summer Games. He came with Alex Kidd in memory and cartridge Summer Games (California Games) Toast. That was the model I had during my childhood.

Now no shortage more, moreover, now you can even choose to: 🙂

Master System II da Tec Toy - Promotion Summer Games

Master System II da Tec Toy – Promotion Summer Games

More details in the coming articles.

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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    Muito legal relembrar isso. Fez parte da minha infância também! Quer vender um?

    1. 1.1

      For now I'm still cleaning and testing everything, but I'll probably end up selling one.

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