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French catalog Master System Games

In the same folder where were the jornaizinhos the Master Club, I intend to show in the next few articles here's Skooter Blog, It was also this French catalog of Master System games.

This brochure is a donation of Alessandro Assis Vasques, at the time I still edited the Master Land, there in the late 90.

The System Master Games French catalog is 1992, so should already cover most of the Master System game library.

It is also interesting to compare the French library with Brazilian library, as the Master System also was quite successful in Europe. Not so much success that he did in Brazil, but definitely much more than in North America and in Japan itself, where was born.

It's an item you intend to scan and make available if there is community interest.

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

French catalog Master System Games

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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  1. 1

    Curiosity: Vc venture to say in today's values ​​how much it cost at the time that the Master System TecToy and how much it cost the original games? Does the time was cheaper to buy the system master than it would to buy a ps4 today?

    I remember I enjoyed a game of football, but I did not have the cartridge, I rented several times. I do not know 'cause my parents did not buy the cartridge. If it was too expensive or it was difficult to find to sell.

    1. 1.1

      In one of jornaizinhos here I found the price of some Master System games July 1992, variando de Cr$ 170.000,00 a Cr$ 190.000,00. But it was a time of very high inflation, It is difficult to assess.
      I know my parents bought the Atari games 2600 for me from time to time, I think were cheaper because they do not all graduates. But after the Master System do not compare more, only rented. It was not hard to find, I had in Lojas Americanas and other similar, but I think we were really expensive. And I knew that soon I would get tired and want another.
      I ended up just having the Summer Games that came with the console and three games that changed with a video store owner, They were 3 Cartridge 4 Atari games 2600 por um cartucho de Master System. One was the Super Football.

      1. 1.1.1

        It is difficult to compare prices of time before the actual. Here is a simple comparison: no final de 1994 my mother gave me the Monica cartridge in the Dragon Castle and I remember very well that it cost 32 real – at the time the minimum wage was 64 real. Now a ps4 game costs on average 199 but the real minimum wage is above 750 in other words, the cartridges were rather expensive.

        1. Skooter

          But if you consider the price in dollars, in 1994 R $ 32,00 were approximately US $ 27,00. Today a release of R $ 250,00 para PS4 equivale a cerca de US$ 60,00, that is the price of a US release.

          In 1994 Monica in Dragon Castle was no longer launch. A game that is no release of the PS4 can cost in the range of US $ 30,00 a US$ 50,00 both in Brazil and in the US. If we take the games magazines of pre-real time, advertisements cartridges had dollar prices, and documents also costing in the range of US $ 30,00 a US$ 50,00.

          I think deep down not much has changed, prices remain similar, what has changed is the average income in Brazil has increased considerably because of the Real Plan.

          1. Dalton

            Olha só essa notícia que achei sobre esse assunto:

            O Master System custaria hoje por volta de R$2.788,21!

          2. Skooter

            Interesting. Pena que não incluíram as contas que fizeram. Os preços naquela época subiam praticamente toda semana, é difícil estimar tão exatamente assim.
            Por fim a conclusão se mostrou um tanto furada. In 2013 poderia até parecer que os preços de notebooks e smartphones estavam diminuindo e que o poder de compra dos brasileiros estava aumentando, mas agora já está bem claro que a tendência se inverteu, notebooks e smartphones subiram bastante com o aumento dos impostos e os salários não estão mais acompanhando a inflação. A próxima geração de consoles será bem cara para os brasileiros.

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