February 25 2016

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Choplifter – Master System – Tec Toy tips

Choplifter It was released to the Master System by Sega in 1986. The original game was developed by Dan Gorlin and published by Brøderbund for the Apple II in 1982, but won several versions other systems, including Atari 5200, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Colecovision, MSX, Arcade, SG-1000, NES, and Atari 7800.

A continuation, Choplifter II, was released for the Game Boy in 1991. Then it was remade on the Game Boy and Game Gear in 1994 with the name Choplifter III. Another game, also called Choplifter III, It was released to the Super Nintendo in 1994. In 2012, a remake called Choplifiter HD It was released for PCs, XBox 360, and Playstation 3.

Choplifter is one of the best games of the Master System. Was also the first that I rented, together with R-Type. Actually my parents went through the video store and brought me these two cartridges, recommended by the store employee. Therefore, Choplifter is surely the third game I played in Master System, after Alex Kidd in Miracle World, that came in the memory of the console and Summer Games (California Games), cartridge that also came along with the console. After I finished taking the cartridge in an exchange of 3 Cartridge Atari 2600 by 1 from Master System I made with a video store when he was still a child.

Domestic versions of the Choplifter, the Master System fared better. In some ways, I like even more than the arcade. The NES version is also based on Sega's arcade, but with graphics and sounds quite below. This video on Youtube comparing multiple versions.

Choplifter It was released in Brazil by Tec Toy. His Cape can be seen below, as extracted from the Tec Toy Wiki:

Cover of Tec Toy to Choplifter - Master System

Cover of Tec Toy to Choplifter – Master System

The game has an interesting dynamic, Unlike most games where the goal is to destroy everything you see ahead of you. Here the goal is to fly the helicopter, burst captivity and rescue the hostages, taking them back to base. To move from phase is necessary to rescue at least 40 of 64 hostages. The helicopter can only load 16 hostages simultaneously. Shoot down opponents is a secondary target, just to increase the score and facilitate the primary purpose.

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

A hostage is only saved when returns to base. If your helicopter is shot down with hostages inside, they die. If they are struck by his artillery or opposing artillery also die. If you land with the chopper on them too. These factors add an extra challenge to the game.

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

The graphics and sound are very good for a console 8 bits, well made and differentiated music for every stage, and good sound effects also. The controls are also good. Ultimately, Sega made him and made enough for a cartridge with only 1 megabit.

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

Choplifter - Master System

Choplifter – Master System

The leaflet with the tips of the Choplifter the Tec Toy sent me follows the traditional format: a single sheet of solid form with dot matrix printing. The booklet contains the plot of the game, and a single tip that actually is a trick to select stages. Are 6 phases and with the trick can start in any of them. Then, come the game controls.

Check out the scanned brochure:

Tec Toy Tips - Choplifter - Master System

Tec Toy Tips – Choplifter – Master System

And here's a transcript:


PLOT: Choplifter is a bidding game amazing movimentadíssimo, where you are the Commander of a rescue team. Your mission is to locate and collect hundreds of hostages – on land and at sea – and put them R safe. You need to land your helicopter HAWK Z in strategic places possible, at the same time dribbling and des-
to build the dangerous enemy fire.
There 64 hostages in each location. however, your helicopter can only carry 16 at a time. So, will have to find a way to go back and forth several times of infernal regions, with a minimum of per-
of the Humanities.

TIPS: PHASE SELEÇÀO- On the first screen of presentation, When the helicopter shooting, Press Directional pad up, down, left, right and button 1. In the second screen press the directional button up,low,left,right and button 1. Will appear a tel to choose the stage you want jo-
Gar (of 1 a 6).

Button 1: Shooting button/start button
Button 2: Change of direction
Button D: Direction control

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To complete, I did a little video demonstrating the Choplifter, all the original hardware and no emulation, as costume:

The equipment used for this capture was:

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    I don't remember that game, I don't think I've ever rented the cartridge. Maybe I had bias with the games of 1 Mega. Later you could create an index with all the games that you've done articles.

    1. 1.1

      Some of my favorite games has only 1 Mega: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Wonder Boy, Zillion II, Gangster Town, Black Belt and Choplifter.
      An index may I create when completing this series of tips from Tec Toy.

      1. 1.1.1

        Interesting. These others that you mentioned tb I played a lot, except the Gangster because I had no gun. So I had no bias with 1 MB. Hehe

  2. 2

    Have this cartridge, is one of my favorite games. One thing I notice is that in the third stage, While the helicopter is on the ground, the game emits a squeak (long beep).

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