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Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST

A Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST is used by Sky, and possibly also for other carriers, in installations with 3 or more points, or with 2 points in at least one of them is HDTV Plus, that uses two cables (two tuners).

In these cases, a double LNBf, connecting the two outputs of the LNBf on the two satellite inputs Switch 3×4 (SAT IN 13V and SAT IN 18V). The outputs RX1, Rx2, RX3, Rx4 are connected to each point decoders.

It is also possible to mix the signal of VHF/UHF TV open so that each point can use a single cable to TV via satellite and terrestrial broadcast TV, useful in situations where you can't pass a second cable. This is possible because the LNBf converts the frequencies it receives from the satellite (microwave in the range of 10 GHz the 13 GHz, Ku band) for frequencies in the range of 950 a 2150 MHz, that are driven by coaxial cable with less attenuation and are understood by the decoder. Thus, the frequencies of 54 MHz a 806 MHz, used for VHF and UHF channels, are idle on the cable and can be used for this purpose.

If we need to separate the signal from the satellite and broadcast TV, as is necessary in older decoders you need TV module separate, or for anyone who wants to connect the VHF/UHF antenna directly to the TV, You can use a key Diplexer, that makes precisely the function of separating the satellite signal of VHF/UHF signal.

On the other hand, newer decoders, you already have the open TV embedded module can take advantage of the fact that open TV signal already being in the same cable.

A Switch 3×4 discharge power supply, It was used in older solutions, because it is fed by the decoders.

In facilities that need more than four cables (for example: four points, being a HDTV Plus), You can cascatear two Comutadoras 3 keys×4, connecting the two entrances of the second in two of the outputs of the first. The VHF/UHF signal needs to be inserted into each of the Comutadoras 3 keys×4, as shown in this schema released by Sky.

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST in its packaging

Switch 3×4 NanoSat NS34ST in its packaging

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST in its packaging

Switch 3×4 NanoSat NS34ST in its packaging

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3 x 4 Nanosat NS34ST

Switch 3×4 Nanosat NS34ST

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  1. 1
    Otto Seng

    I have 4 points at home in this case as I comuntadores terieo that uses, I take my receiver to the Place in this case I have to change the LNB to la for this new and use a switch too please Dual LNB lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky
    Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

    1. 1.1

      Depends on what are the decoders. The Plus use two cables. For up 4 a total of cables you use a single key. For up 6 cables you use two keys.
      On the site, If you take just a decoder needs no key. You can connect directly to a dual LNB cable broadband in it (or two if the decoder is the Plus).

  2. 2

    After update, no longer appear many HD channels, E Normal?! How to solve?

  3. 3

    In my building changed the LNB to the broadband. On my floor, put a switch, but in my apartment just got 1 cable and use a splitter for the two entries of the HDTV Plus. After making the antenna/satellite configuration for wide band, works normally, but after a while (Sometimes a few minutes, Sometimes a few hours) Some channels freeze. It may be because of the single cable and splitter that I'm using? I really need you to arrive 2 switch cables? Or it could be some setting in the decoder? I appreciate if you can help me…

    1. 3.1

      With Broadband LNB you need two cables from the switch to HDTV Plus.

      1. 3.1.1

        As I only have the HDTV Plus and in my building is impossible the passage of 2 cables, can I use a Universal LNB? Or how can I continue to use the HDTV Plus?

  4. 4

    Here in my building is impossible to pass two cables. I have HDTV Plus I am entusiasto of the DIY I was wondering if you had how to continue using Plus having a wire just passing. Would have to use a switch on the satellite output? And another at the entrance of the receiver?

    1. 4.1


      The problem is that simply switch does not work. Switching you have a group of channels at a time and what HDTV Plus wants the two groups at the same time.

      The only way I see to use only cable would be joining the two groups. Both work in the 950 a 2150 MHz (band of 1200 MHz). If you do not use terrestrial TV on the same cable, the band of 0 a 950 MHz is idle. Assuming the cable can work fine until 2400 MHz (that will depend a lot on the distance and the type of cable, because we are already at the limit), theoretically would have a 2400 MHz to pass the two groups at the same time. An equipment on each end working that signal would handle, the problem is that such equipment probably doesn't exist.

  5. 5
    Silvio France

    Good morning !
    I had to change the LNB, e comprei o duplo faixa larga, ao fazer a configuração, tudo procede normalmente, tenho o guia de programação, o programa em exibição, porém a imagem não aparece. A chave comutadora seria a razão do problema? Não instalei.

  1. 6
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    […] an example of use, You can use the switch 3 × 4 Nanosat NS34ST or a VHF/UHF/SAT Diplexer to combine the signal along to antennas, and then use […]

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