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Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

When I'm walking my dog sometimes I'm watching the landscape and the houses. I noticed that several new antennas from Sky were with a different LNB, with a red tip. Researching the subject I found out that the Sky has been using this new LNB in new installations and also comes by replacing the old clients LNB in technical visits. Now they're putting this Broadband Dual Lnb, the Telesystem or WNC.

As a subscriber of Sky for more than 15 years, I still remember that the first was a Universal single LNB, with a single output. Was replaced by a Universal double when passed to a plan with two points. At the time I asked the technician what it would be like if I had more points and he explained that there were up to LNBs 4 outputs, but the Sky wore only the doubles and were more than two points using dividers.

I noticed that the Sky has also been using an LNB STO Red. This has the advantage of sending both channels polarizations (horizontal and vertical) using the same cable (all frequencies together). It's good for HDTV facilities Plus where you cannot pass a second cable, because simply put a splitter by the decoder to feed both tuners with the same cable. Furthermore, the signal can be divided easily to various points with simple high-frequency dividers, dispensing Switch 3×4 I showed in the previous article.

But now I hear the Sky also stopped with the LNB STO and is making the new facility only with the Broadband Dual Lnb. On the one hand, is a disadvantage, for he is like the Universal, having two outputs that polarized, and send the signal of vertical or horizontal channels, but not both at the same time, so the Sky Plus HDTV back need two cables. Furthermore, in installations with 3 or more points (or 2 points being at least one HDTV Plus) You must use the Switch 3×4.

The reason for the change, It is speculated to be the new satellite that Sky should throw even in 2016. The Intelsat 32e (Is-32e) should be called Sky Brazil-1 and will be used exclusively by Sky. Would 81 transponders in the KA and Ku bands. In Ku-band Sky could use up to 60 transponders, sufficient capacity to bring 3D channels or with 4 k resolution, for example. The Broadband Dual Lnb It covers a larger quantity of frequencies and, therefore, I'd be ready for the new satellite.

On my installation, the technician replaced the old universal Dual LNB for the Broadband Dual Lnb to install HDTV Plus point, What also made necessary the passage of new cables and the installation of Switch 3×4.

It is clear that Sky should not use additional frequencies until you change the LNB of the entire installed base. Possibly will leave these frequencies for new channels and go doing the Exchange as package changes occur.

Remember that a change of such proportions has already occurred in the past, not with relation to the LNB, but with respect to the access cards. On the occasion, the Sky needed to change the encryption used, that had been broken. The solution found was to update the base gradually, first for those who had the Premiere football packages, After Telecine, and so on until all cards change the installed base and put all channels with new encryption.

It is worth noting that when there are only two points (or a single HDTV Plus point), the Broadband Dual Lnb works without need Switch 3×4, because both outputs can polarize vertically or horizontally regardless. I've read reports that a Switch 3×4 is required with the new LNB, what might be a result of some installers be putting the key even when the Subscriber is only two points.

With respect to the signal, There is also a considerable improvement when installing the Broadband Dual Lnb, that seems to have a greater sensitivity to the ancient Universal LNB from Sharp and other brands.

Confirms some pictures of Broadband Dual LNB Telesync for antennas 60 a 90 cm when the Sky:

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

Dual Lnb Offset Antenna Broadband 60 ~ 90 cm Telesystem for Sky, on its packaging

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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  1. 1

    Friend, When using the plus shr26 with dual lnb and the switch, have to leave two key cables directly to the Sat in 1 and 2 without divider ? Because the damage to sat 2 searching for channels. The switch receives 3 cables, 2 the satellite and 1 terrestrial antenna.

    1. 1.1

      Olá Rafael,
      Yes, need to leave two key cables, one for each input of the decoder, without divider.

  2. 2

    Two outputs go to plus no splitter, but the other outputs may have dividers, If you're slim or zapper?

    1. 2.1

      Cannot also. You can't use divider to the Sky, except if the LNB STO, that Sky is replacing by Broadband Dual LNB.
      If you need more than the four outputs of the 3 Key×4, need to place a second key 3×4, linked in two ways from the first.
      The point is that each tuner (in each decoder) can switch to horizontal or vertical polarization, Depending on the channel being tuned. If you put a splitter, the tuners will conflict if a want to tune to a channel of horizontal polarization and the other want to tune to a channel of vertical polarization.

  3. 3

    Olá Skooter, a few days ago a technician came and changed my STO LNB for a Broadband Dual LNB, but on the way out he put a antenna switch 3×4 and 10 then put one more meters to connect the HD Plus. But in none of these two keys my HD Slim works, some horizontal TPs are caretaker and if I try to turn on only the Slim looks like the LNB does not receive enough power and won't turn on, so I need Plus attached to the system. Is there anything I can do to connect my HD PLUS + HD SLIM in this Broadband Dual LNB? Remembering that I have 2 comutadoras 3 keys×4 the technician installed. I don't want to have to install another LNB antenna STO only for Slim. Thank you for attention.

    1. 3.1

      It's strange that call, for only 2 a single key points would be enough. Are two cables coming out from the LNB to the first key? And two cables coming out of the first key to the second key?

      1. 3.1.1

        Thanks for the reply Skooter. Yes, leave 2 LNB cable broadband and enter a 3 switch×4, that's where he gets more 3 cables, 1 for the HD Slim and 2 for other 3 switch×4 of more 2 for the HD Plus. The equipment Plus works perfectly with any kind of connection, but the Slim always loses some TPs in horizontal and signal so multiple channels are not tuned. Thank you for your attention.

        1. Skooter

          This second key seems to me unnecessary, could connect directly two cables of the first key in the decoder. But it was still to be working.
          The decoder Slim is configured to use broadband LNB?

          1. Rodrigo

            It's like that second serve key of “Amendment” for the cables that go to the HD Plus, I'm going to delete this key and try the Slim independent, without the Plus in the schema. Work?

          2. Skooter

            Hard to say, It's about to be working as well as it's, Although not the ideal.
            The decoder Slim is configured to use broadband LNB?
            The signal is strong in both?

          3. Rodrigo

            Yes, configured for wide band, I've done that reset with code 02468 also. The TPs usually stay between 95 a 120.
            The Plus signs are also in this average, but always with a tuner a bit stronger than the other when I check the rate of the signs. You need to wait for some time after the satellite configuration or should run immediately if I had everything right? (I'm sorry so many questions but you are helping me to clear my head). Thank you very much Skooter.

          4. Skooter

            After adjusting the decoder usually stay a few minutes receiving satellite Info, but all of a sudden be ready.
            Everything seems to be okay with your installation. Maybe a problem in decoding slim or even in any of the two keys?
            If the Plus can record one channel and tune in any other, then the LNB must be working properly.

  4. 4

    Hello! please, can you clarify if the old universal LNB; use it to use on my antenna. He has four outputs

    1. 4.1

      I think the old universal LNB is still working, but I cannot say until when.

  5. 5
    Charles Alves

    So I have a dual LNB Sky that long range , just a question I can't find the clear signal he !
    It only works with the Sky ?

    1. 5.1

      Yes, the sellers say that only works with the Sky.

  6. 6

    Good night! Get me out a doubt, Maybe you don't understand correctly. I have the unit SKY HDTV that old model, boxy. If you want to place this Broadband Dual LNB, I'm going to need to pull another cable for my device or just what is enough.

    1. 6.1

      Which LNB you currently have? And the decoder is the Plus?
      Plus you need two cables so you can watch one channel and record another (or write two) at the same time.

      1. 6.1.1

        Good morning!

        Use 1 Sharp Universal Twin, It's not the Plus, is the older model, one that has a 500 GB HD inside.

        My interest is only on TV.

        1. Skooter

          If you already use with only a cable with Sharp Universal Twin, You can stick with the double wide band. For watching TV a cable is enough.

          1. SBravia

            Cool, It all worked out.

            Seizing the opportunity, I use a diplexer to filter the digital tv signal + satellite, If you want to connect only 1 TV with the digital signal, proceed as devo?

            Grateful for the attention

          2. Skooter

            Let me get this straight, you have a key 3×4 next to the antennae signal Sky blending with the basic cable and a diplexer separating them next to your TV, it is?

            If that, to connect another TV you can pull a cord from one of the 3 key-free outputs×4 and call in another diplexer, using only the terrestrial antenna output to turn on TV and letting the free Sky.
            I believe that as an alternative to the diplexer you can also use a DC filter.

          3. SBravia

            Excuse, I mean call 1 TV, because that Dilpexer already has another linked.

  7. 7

    Actually is the following: My SKY Receiver and TV in the room, are connected by a Diplexer (single cable) and that same cable, I wonder if for example, If I put a high divider in the middle of it, just to send the TV signal to my room, that's where I want to pull the Digital TV signal, If I'm going to have a loss of satellite signal quality, due to this half-way splitter.

    Obs: The cable is inside a pipe, passing through my room and go to the room, only due to lack of space in the pipe, I can't spend another TV cable, so I would use the same cable.

    1. 7.1

      Has dividers -3 loss, 5dB, so I guess you will have some loss on the Yes satellite signal.
      Furthermore, you need another diplexer or DC filter between the cable and the second TV.

      1. 7.1.1

        Conclusion: Would then use 3 Diplexers and 1 Splitter.

        1. Skooter

          If you already have 2 diplexers that's right.
          I can't guarantee it's going to work, I never called so, but theoretically it's supposed to work.

          1. SBravia

            Beauty, Thank you very much for your time and patience.

  8. 8

    Good afternoon….I have a old sky plan with 6 appliances, 2 HDTV plus , 2 Zapper and 2 Slim…in my case if I change this broadband lnb, I would have to have 8 exits to the right receivers?(4 for the 2 plus + 4 for the 2 Zapper and slim) then I would need to have 3 comutadoras 3 keys×4 correct?? Sera that will work without much loss in signal???

    1. 8.1

      Yes, I believe that the scheme of installation is the same. Signal loss believe that has not, because each receiver will be sending current to feed the 3 keys×4 and amplify the signal.

  9. 9

    Skooter, can you help me. I have a SKY receiver Model S12, eventually take this receiver for Beach. On the site I have a LNB STO, but now the SKY is changing to broadband. If I switch to the universal model, comes 2 antenna cables to receiver, but the receiver has only one entrance to the cable. Is there a key that I can use, to come 2 cables, and through this piece go a simple cable to the receiver?

    1. 9.1

      I don't know this receiver. He does not write, some?
      In this case you just need a Universal LNB cable or broadband to the receiver. The receiver switches the LNB polarization as the channel that you are watching.

      1. 9.1.1

        Skooter, the digital receiver thomson S12B model if u see on Google, you will see that has only one output. I think the only change tbem LNB on the edge to universal will solve. When I take the receiver to trip him of the error, saying you have to do an update on my antenna. From what I've read, could use a DiSEQ key where 2 cables and forward will only cable. Currently I have STO Triax LNB.

        1. Skooter

          But all the receivers that do not write that I know has only one entry. You wouldn't have two. The recording has two when are two tuners (to record a channel and watch another, or record two channels).
          The Sky must have updated the software of receptors to give this error message and force change the LNB.
          Se você trocar o LNB e mudar a configuração no receptor para Faixa Larga deve funcionar.
          Mas já que é para trocar, acho melhor você já mudar para o Faixa Larga, pois o Universal deve parar de funcionar em algum futuro próximo.
          Eu acho que você não precisa de nenhuma chave. As duas saídas do LNB polarizam tanto horizontal quanto vertical. Para até dois receptores (ou um receptor com dois sintonizadores), não há necessidade de chaves.

          1. Ricardo

            Good morning, see the broadband LNB works on a frequency greater, each output that the LNB has is different, a is horizontal, e outra vertical. Therefore, eu acho que precisaria de alguma chave ou peça para chegue só 1 cabo até o receptor

          2. Ricardo

            Vou precisar dessa chave comutadora. See that one side is SAT IN and SAT IN 18V and 13V on RX1 turn digital receiver, e altero no receptor as configs para uso da faixa larga 😀

  10. 10

    Skooter, my friend has this lnb there and has a slim hdtv and a hdtv plus. But as he only has one cable connected in plus, You can't record a channel and watch another. What he should do in this case? Exchange for an lnb outputs more?

    antenna: http://i.imgur.com/1xUV6Lb.jpg

    LNB in 4 outputs that he has saved: http://i.imgur.com/11LoJNI.jpg

    1. 10.1


      He needs to put a Switch 3×4.

  11. 11

    Good Night Skooter, I have one in my house a sky with dual lnb antenna wide band, with a switch 3×4 connecting the receiver, a hdtv plus and other hd. It so happens that I made some changes recently in the cables in my house and so I had to put some “amendments” with those connectors that thread in each side, and after that I was in trouble, because it was only signed in “Sinton. 2”. Then, I went in and unplugged one of the cables connected in the lnb and have sign in sinton. 1 and in sinton. 2, but one of the transponder, the last of the H, was reset. You know more or less what would be the problem and if there is any problem with letting the way it is.
    I thank.

    1. 11.1

      I can't tell you what would be the problem. The signal was very low before?
      Leave only one antenna cable to the 3 key×4 lead to trouble, you won't be able to tune to a channel with horizontal polarization and another with vertical polarization at the same time.

      1. 11.1.1

        Boa tarde Skooter.
        Initially I would like to thank you for your attention. In fact the signal was very good, was 100. It would have happened by now something similar again and the problem was with the lnbf, because after replacing returned to normal. But not even a year ago I switched, What I'm using now and relatively new. De fate, hdtv receiver plus the channels are normal, the other receiver are not tuning some channels. Think it will be necessary to request a concert by sky. Thanks a lot mate.

  12. 12

    Boa tarde Skooter, I have two points of sky , a slim and a hd zapper, There's a NLD sdu installed, and there's the sky cable 1 1 connected to each appliance. I want to know if, When changing to double universal lnb ,need some cable or not? Thank you.

    1. 12.1

      Good afternoon, Rafael,
      Both the slim as the zapper only have a tuner, so if the current divider is near the LNB, probably not change cabling. Only the two cables are connected directly to the LNB.

  13. 13
    Fernando Grimaldi

    Hello dear Skooter.
    Was trocarada the antenna here at home to the new SKY satellite.
    Good, the configuration of PLUS and two ZAPPER in my combo (TOTAL HD 2016) no longer STO and Yes WIDE BAND.
    When the two technicians are gone, Mexi, I went through, I did everything in my PLUS and even now can't make two programs simultaneously; the duo also MEMORY doesn't work anymore.
    I called the technician and he said the SKY is doing this because of the SKY MEDIA CENTER that not even here yet (only has, as its website says, in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte).
    I contacted the 10611 and questioned about the functionality of these two features not (record 2 programs simultaneously and double memory). The answer was that with broadband, the two cables in the PLUS one for SD channels now serve and another for HD and the services have been discontinued and that I should look for other display programs schedule.
    Again I was moving in and I found that really was what she said: I took a cord and only the SD channels picked, After I reversed and only a few HD worked.

    Before a cable just went down to the appliance, being that there was a divider where a tip went to SAT entry 1 and another tip for SAT 2.
    And the setting was STO.

    Now down two cables, one for each SAT. And the setting is WIDE BAND.

    How do I re-record again simultaneously?

    Please, someone guide me.

    And the signal Rate, the tuner 2 points V(vertical) and (H)(speed) all RESET.

    1. 13.1

      Olá Fernando,

      I didn't know this feature of Double Memory, but I tested it and it worked.
      The recording of two channels at the same time keeps running.
      This Sky Media Center I don't know. Until I looked here but I don't understand how it's going to work.
      The configuration on my Broadband also decoders.

      What your package and which version of the software?
      Here the FULL MOVIE HD COMBO package 2017
      Original Version: 0x8330
      Software: 0x8553, Qui 9/7, 2:20

      Signal rate both tuners get high values in vertical and horizontal.

      If they changed something, not affected me yet.

  14. 14

    Good night Skooter,

    I have the unit HDTV Plus and the problem is that I live in apt is it was only possible to pass a cable to device, today as they made a Division and called two cables in the apparatus, with this new LNB really need two cables, even if no longer work the simultaneous recording?

    1. 14.1

      Good night Menoli,
      My HDTV Plus works if I leave with one cable only, but without the resources to record two channels at once or watch one channel and record another.

      1. 14.1.1

        Thanks for replying, so I'm going to have to keep it that way until you change, because 2 cables for the conduit that the MRV left impossible to pass.

  15. 15

    Good afternoon Scooter you know tell me if I can use the Dual LNB high band(Sky) pirate devices???

    1. 15.1

      Good evening Carlos,
      Not tell you.

  16. 16
    Alan Adams

    Good morning,
    There've been times staff receiving the message from SKY : The SKY need to upgrade technology in your free House call 0800 and enter the code 55 live in condo and the antenna is shared for all. This morning was showing the message searching satellite signal in 1. What should I do? My receiver is the Zapper HD.

    1. 16.1

      Good afternoon Alan,
      Have you called in 0800 and informed the code 55?

  17. 17

    After changing the LNB to broadband, need to do anything else as redirect antenna or change some setting in the HDTV receiver PLUS ?

    1. 17.1

      Yes, the decoder there is an option to select the type of LNB. You need to select “Wide Band”.

      1. 17.1.1

        Good night skooter. I am also with this problem how do I change this setting in the decoder.

        1. Skooter

          Good day Frederick.
          Try going into Menu-Settings and help > > adjustments-> Sat. and antenna-> Repeat satellite configuration
          In “Type of installation”, Select “Wide Band”.

  18. 18

    Bom dia Skooter,

    I have the plus hdtv, I moved into an apartment where the building already has a cable system, but there's only one cable to fit, in this case I can only call on one of the SAT inputs, not having to use the feature to record a channel and watch another at the same time. To have again this feature you need to pull a new cable it off for ?

    or I can call a divider inside this cable to connect on SAT 1 and the other way out in 2 ?? in this case work !? would have to change the configuration of the appliance to STO ?
    My this on broadband.

    thank you!

    1. 18.1

      Good morning Marcelo,
      Do you know what type of LNB the building uses? If the Sto you can by the splitter.
      If it is Universal or broad band would have to pull another cable from the 3 key×4 (or equivalent) more next.

  19. 19

    wave !!
    Acquire a shared sky point, installed in an antenna that was already in the building, I get the message it is necessary the technological updating of the ANTENNA (What's not getting some ”in your home”) I have to buy an antenna and install ? or it can be pointing or something else ?!
    thank you

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Bom dia Skooter. Indicates request to Exchange in the SKY of the SDU for the wide band? Going to make anything better in the signal? Or is it just for future updates?

    1. 21.1

      Good morning Raphael,

      I never had the Sto, I spent Universal direct wide band. In my case the signal improved a little, Maybe the new LNB has more sensitivity or the former was already in trouble. But nothing that will make a difference in practice, except maybe in time of rain.

      The update will be mandatory when the Sky pass using the frequency bands that only has Broadband, What I believe they won't do until the entire base is updated, or at least the part of the base that has channels that will be on the new frequencies.

      Apparently they are already taking advantage of the technical visits to make the switch. But for now I think you're not missing anything to be with the Sto.

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