jun 16 2016

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16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD Adapter

The Cartão De Memória 16Gb Micro Sd + SD Adapter que mostro neste artigo me custou apenas R$ 0,50. Quer saber como? Então continue lendo que já vou lhe explicar. 🙂

Tudo começou com um e-mail que recebi da American in 23/05/2016. Eis o conteúdo:

Oferta do cartão da Americanas com anuidade grátis para sempre

Oferta do cartão da Americanas com anuidade grátis para sempre

Achei uma excelente proposta. Só o cartão com anuidade grátis para sempre já me faria aceita-la. Eu já tenho o cartão do Submarino, também com anuidade grátis para sempre. Não o uso no dia-a-dia, pois prefiro usar o Visa Platinum do Banco do Brasil, pois ele me dá pontos que troco por Dotz, que troco por produtos, além de me dar garantia extra nos produtos que compro com ele, proteção de preço e proteção e compra, to get the price difference if the product download within 30 days and refund if it is stolen in 45 days, respectively.

But for purchases in their own Submarino, It is common that there are good discounts are only valid using the card. That's how I got my Moto X Play and my cellar chocolates with good discounts. As the annuity is free forever, It's OK to leave it unused in the day-to-day.

What prevents me from having all stores cards to take advantage of these discounts are annuities. So the offer of American It seemed not to be missed, because they are also the Group B2W (the same as the Submarino) and also offer some discounts exclusively for payments with credit card American, which I spent to have access.

To complete the excellent offer, the free annuity was conditioned on a first purchase of one of the promotion items using the card. And the offerings were pretty good, some items for only R$ 0,50, and several others also attractive prices. A pity that only you could choose an item for this value. I ended up choosing the Cartão De Memória 16Gb Micro Sd + SD Adapter, paying R$ 0.50 for him and more R$ 2,99 de frete. It wasn't free shipping, but it was a very reasonable shipping. The current cost of Cartão De Memória 16Gb Micro Sd + SD Adapter is R$ 26,90. The freight continues R$ 2,99.

Request of 16 GB Micro Sd memory card + SD adapter in American

Request of 16 GB Micro Sd memory card + SD adapter in American

The Cartão De Memória 16Gb Micro Sd + SD Adapter arrived pretty fast and the day 26/05/2016 was already in my hands, only 3 days after purchase. Check out the photos:

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter and invoice

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter and invoice

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter in its packaging

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter in its packaging

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter in its packaging

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD adapter in its packaging

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD Adapter

16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD Adapter

16 GB Micro SD memory card

16 GB Micro SD memory card


16 GB Micro SD memory card + SD Adapter

On the other hand, the credit card it took a little longer to get, appearing only in the day 08/06/2016. Until his Bill came before. 🙂

The arrival of the American Mastercard credit card

The arrival of the American Mastercard credit card

The offer of Cartão De Memória 16Gb Micro Sd + SD Adapter arrived in good time, because I was thinking of getting a Micro SD card to use with my Frame Master, to save and load profiles. A last firmware update has already been made with the new card.

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Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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  1. 1

    Took also the Shoptime and SouBarato? TB had a similar promotion in the same season.

    1. 1.1

      Not. Just received the Americanas.

      1. 1.1.1

        I didn't get the emails because I choose not to receive advertising, but I got the link from the promotion that other users have posted on the internet and it worked, all cards came without annuity because I checked before unlock. Next promotion you can enjoy even if you don't receive email.

  2. 2

    Have you used this or another benefit of Visa Platinum? I have the card but not count on that because I see with suspicion.

    1. 2.1

      I never had to use any, but I think you should work within the various limitations.

  3. 3

    The Dotz that you use with your Ourocard Platinum is more advantageous than the Leagues Submarine card? I have used the card sub, but now I'm wondering if the Dotz would be better.

    1. 3.1

      I did some math here and I think the leagues of the submarine are more advantageous. Each real spending gives a League. 7.500 leagues have a worth buying R$ 50,00 and 25.000 leagues have a worth buying R$ 250,00. So we have a carriage return 0,67% a 1% the amount spent with the card of the submarine.

      Visa Platinum gives 1,5 point per dollar spent. Each point can be converted by 1 Dotz. In practice they are being generous with the dollar on the conversion, foi R $ 2,98 in the making of this month, R$ 3.34 last month, R$ 3,00 in April. Let's consider so R$ 3,00 for each Dotz.

      Now the hard part, Discover the value of Dotz. The last item I switched, the humidifier, cost 8.642 Dotz. On the Sub it costs R$ 154,08 (freight), What gives a value of R$ 0,0178 by Dotz. In other words, expense R$ 3,00 to have a return of R$ 0,0178, What is a carriage return only 0,6%.

      I'm leaving now, but come back later to do the accounts of the other freebies I took. But if the range of the 0,6% keep, It pays to use the card of the submarine, because the range of products is greater than that of Dotz.

      But, in my case, There are two points to consider:
      – The Submarine is a national card, You can't use it abroad. I need to keep a second card for purchases abroad. I have the NuCard, but he gives no reward. And I have a American Express without annual fee that gives rewards, but at lower level than the BB, Besides being bad for not accepting real recoveries from PayPal. In other words, I need to keep a BB card.
      – If I don't use a lot of the Visa Platinum, do I have to pay the annual fee it, It's not cheap. Using it I'm having exemption from the annuity.
      – The leagues are due between 1 and 2 years, the Dotz has greater validity.

      1. 3.1.1

        Interesting review. In my case so I think it's worth to continue using the card Sub, still WINS 3 leagues for each real shopping in the submarine, and often buy there because the products have best price promotions that appear there.

        Tb I have other cards that I use just for international purchase, the NuBank and Citi are Platinum and Saraiva, they have no annuity but tb no score.

        From what I researched, These pontuacões of cards is more advantageous to use miles to buy airfare, but for my average spent on the card, I couldn't many miles.

        1. Skooter

          Yeah, After these accounts I am seriously considering spending using the Sub also, even be able to get in on the lowest percentage, because to get 1% you need to spend R$ 25.000 in 2 years.
          I also have the NuBank Platinum, but the flag Platinum Mastercard doesn't give any of those protections that quoted, and I don't know how it performs in real dollar conversion.
          Would be the case using the submarine in Brazil and Visa Platinum BB abroad, But how little I have purchased abroad, I'm going to end up failing the minimum to stay without annual fee.
          Miles I think complicated, travel is complicated, and when I travel I usually have time to go and come back, I think it would be complicated to use miles.

        2. Skooter

          I was watching here and can also change the BB points on points of the Multiplus, instead of Dotz.
          I got here a Duzin tennis that's R$ 329,90. Via Multiplus he leaves for 17.260 points, which gives £ 0,019 per point, in other words, a rate of return of 0,64%. It's not as good as the Sub, but it's better than the Dotz.

      2. 3.1.2

        I found a mistake in the initial account. Visa Platinum BB apparently only the 1,2 point per dollar now. I made the account with 1,0 Despite having said 1,5. But this only changes the dollar that are using, which happens to be the same as use in the conversion of the card. The return is still under 0,5% in most cases.

    2. 3.2

      A few more items:
      – Product | Dotz price | Price on the Sub | Value of Dotz | Rate of return
      – Stainless steel dump w/Pedal 12 Lit. Tramontina | 12.200 Dotz | R$ 134,51 | R$ 0,011 | 0,37%
      – Cookware Set Stainless Steel w / Cozi-Vapore Allegra 5 pcs Tramontina | 21.728 Dotz | R$ 273,17 | R$ 0,013 | 0,42%
      – Pressure Cooker Solar Stainless Steel Tramontina | 43.598 Dotz | R$ 511,90 | R$ 0,012 | 0,39%
      – Impact drill 3/8″ 500In – Black&Decker | 6.900 Dotz | R$ 158,71 | R$ 0,023 | 0,77%
      – Conj. Knife Cronos Inox 3 pcs Tramontina | 8.700 Dotz | R$ 120,76 | R$ 0,012 | 0,40%

  4. 4

    The discount of the purchase appears at the end of the application or only when leaving the note?
    Did the shoptime, but it appeared the integer value in the request, without the discount.

    1. 4.1

      The American appeared to discount the very announcement, in the cart and everything else. Also tried do Shoptime, but I think that the promotion has been.

    2. 4.2

      I looked here in my emails and I had received also the offer of Shoptime. Just passing unnoticed. The promotion ended in 13/06.

  5. 5

    Shoptime returned with the promotion: http://oferta.vc/scjQ

    But ask and denied. I don't know if it was because I forgot to unlock the Americanas, or for some other reason that I don't know.

    1. 5.1

      Oi Skooter. Blz?
      It seems that out again the free annuity Shoptime card, but I have not received the email… You have the link, by chance?


      1. 5.1.1

        Hi Bianca,
        I also have not received. The last time I asked for denied, so I don't think they're going to offer more.
        I don't understand the Cetelem, can I have the card and the American Submarine, but I can't have the Shoptime?
        And still get every day sending SMS offering loan. This week in addition to the SMS still called. Are very annoying.

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