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Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

In this article I talk about Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B, I've acquired recently to put in my Office (home office).


Since he was planning the furniture of the House, designed for the Office a countertop in the TV could stand in the corner, so that when I'm working I can see her just looking slightly to the side, because I like to work with the TV on at some news, sports, etc.

Above the bench there is a wall cabinet, that leaves a usable space of little more than 60 cm above the countertop, enough for my monitor to 24 inch (Dell U2410) and eventually to a larger monitor in the future. Also fits the Cabinet Cooler Master HAF X, that is rather tall and Full Tower. Por fim, It was also enough for an LCD TV 32 inches, how I planned to have in the future at the time was planning the furniture.

The first TV to inhabit the Office turned out to be a Philips CRT TV 20 inches, I've had. This was in 2013 and the plan was to replace it in the future for LCD TV 32 inches. At the time my preference would be for a Smart TV Sony Bravia Full HD 32 inches. Until the network was already ready for it. My experience with Sony was good, Since I already had a CRT TV and four brand LCD TVs, that never gave problem.

But time passed, There were always other priorities on the list of purchases, and so the CRT TV was getting after. Because she wasn't good enough for the Office, Since most of the time I was looking at the monitor and only listening to TV. I bought a digital TV receiver for it, fiz to slave point of Sky using baluns and network cable.

Finally I ended up buying a Master System II as my childhood, and the CRT TV is the only one that allows me to use the Pistola Light Phaser, I saved from my childhood. A Light Phaser does not work with the technology of LCD TVs. It made me decide that would give up TV not CRT and so the purchase was further delayed.

While I expected, TV manufacturers simply ended up with all models of LCD TV 32 inches Full HD. I can't understand why such a decision. It is true that the difference between 1080 p and 720 p is barely noticeable on a screen 32 inches when we are away, but in my case the distance between me and the TV is just over one meter, so the difference becomes noticeable. Abroad you can still find TVs of 32 inches and 1080 p, but in Brazil they disappeared completely.

When I was getting the Olympics decided it was finally time to buy LCD TV Office, not least because digital TV receiver behaves very badly with sports, choking on frame rate, and apparently there is no pay digital TV receiver. This is another market that the major manufacturers not interested.

Was about to conforming to buy a 720 p TV even, but I decided to take a look at some models 40 inches. I realized that, Unlike models of 2013, the TVs of 2016 the edges are much more thin. Some models are with less than 60 cm tall, even with the feet. I was determined: the way was by 40 inches.

Choice of brand and model

Then began the search for models. The requirements were: be Full HD, have less than 60 cm tall with your feet, and be Smart (with Netflix and the like). My favorite brand so far, Sony, failed to meet the requirements. The only model available seems to be the KDL-40R355B, It's not Smart. Furthermore, Another Sony TV would bring me an additional problem: use a remote control transmitter to be able to change the channels on the Sky, It works very well, but also just broadcasting the signal from the TV remote. If they are different brands TVs OK, But if they are the same brand TVs, turn on the TV the slave point ends up calling or hanging up along the main point TV. The same applies to the other functions of the remote control. This is a problem I have with the TV room, It also has one point and is the same brand that the TV in the room (both are Sony Bravia).

The next brand to be dropped was the LG, because they stopped making TVs 40 inches. The models of 2016 now has 43 inches. As 3 thumbs up could have been a way to differentiate from the competition, but in my case it was a deal breaker, as time passes the 60 cm and she simply doesn't fit into the unit. Samsung Remained, Philips and Panasonic. Samsung is not a brand I enjoy, I've had problems with monitors and mobile phones brand. So ruled out.

Finally, consider the Philips, She has a 4 k TV from 40 inches with Full HD TV. A Philips Series 3000 (40PUG6300) It seemed rather tempting. But a quick search at reviews shows many dissatisfied buyers. The 4 k is restricted to 30 Hz. She simply does not support the HDMI standard 2.0. That's right, Philips had the indecency launched a 4 k TV without HDMI support 2.0. Even Netflix on the TV only supports Full HD. Ultimately, the 4 k this TV are just to deceive the heedless, without any practical use. Discarded!

There remained the Panasonic. And that's the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B caught my eye. A little more expensive than the other, more difficult to be found, a few reviews on the Internet. She's not exactly a very popular TV. But the brand Panasonic inspires me a certain confidence, She has a great reputation in North America. And she meets all the requirements: has just 57 cm tall, including the feet, it is Smart, and Full HD. In my research I've found nothing that desabonasse, so I opted for it.

A purchase

Was still at the stage of dating, When the day 11/08 the Columbus did a promotion. In 11/08 It is celebrated the “Day of television”. Apparently the date is celebrated since 1958, but I only heard of it this year. What matters is that when buying a TV in Columbus, just that day, win a popcorn machine. A Cadence More Pop Popcorn Machine costs about R$ 90,00. It seemed like a good promotion and was the incentive to purchase. The price was the same as the store came practicing in recent months and the smallest of the Internet, so it was a real promotion. I will speak of Cadence More Pop Popcorn Machine next article.

Almost a month later found the same TV with a slightly lower price in Efacil. I took advantage of the occasion to test the Price protection Platinum Visa card, I captured the screen advertising and opened the claim. A few days later I got the answer that my claim was approved and I received some $ 9,17. They've gone a 10 days and still have not received, but the deadline is 10 days, so I'm still waiting.

The TV arrived after a week, not give 19/08. It didn't exactly see the Olympics in her, but no problem. I opened the box, I took the TV and made mounting and installation on your own without too much difficulty.

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B, on its packaging

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B, on its packaging

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Riding the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

The Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

By specifying, the TV consumes up to 67W and is bivolt. Moreover, on the label it says “Voltage” to the dismay of purists.

Smart Label Panasonic Viera TV 40" - TC-40DS600B

Smart Label Panasonic Viera TV 40″ – TC-40DS600B

On the back we have all connections, There's nothing in the thin sides. There are two HDMI inputs, one of them with ARC, optical digital audio output, a component video input (It also works with composite video) and stereo audio, Ethernet input, audio output, and antenna and cable entries. All these connections are turned back, What can get in the way a little bit for those who want to put the TV on the wall, which is not my case. On the side are a composite video and stereo audio and a USB input.

Ins and outs of Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Ins and outs of Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Negative is the fact that they are only 2 HDMI inputs. Panasonic could have been more generous and offered at least four entries, as on my Sony Bravia to 2012. I've taken up two HDMI inputs, with the slave point of Sky and with a Chromecast 2, of which I will speak later and in an upcoming article, respectively.

The remote control is quite complete, has media controls, hours, SAP, adjust aspect ratio, button to directly access the Netflix, to access the applications, etc. It works with two AA-size batteries, accompanying. Comparing again with the Sony Bravia, at least in the model 2012, the hours is hidden in the menus. Point for the Panasonic.

Remote control for Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Remote control for Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Tuning the channels is fast, but I noticed something I didn't like it much. Some digital channels are somewhat intermittent in my region. In Sony TVs there is an option “Add digital channels”, adding new channels without deleting the existing. In Panasonic Viera you need to redo the tuning, and if any channel is off the air at the time of demand, It ends up being deleted.

Tuning channels on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV" - TC-40DS600B

Tuning channels on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV″ – TC-40DS600B

The TV has a beautiful splash screen configurable where you can put some widgets, as calendar, Watch, weather forecast, Agenda (sincronizável with Google Calendar), among others. The Internet connection can be wireless or Ethernet cable (WiFi). The software came in version 7.002 and I didn't need to upgrade.

Initial screen of the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Initial screen of the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Network connection on Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Network connection on Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Software update on Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Software update on Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Initial screen of the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Initial screen of the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Among the applications, In addition to the essential Netflix, There are also several other. The Globosat Play. With him I could, for example, Watch all 16 Stv channels that were going through the Olympics, with excellent sound and picture quality (Depending on your Internet connection, clear). Of course I could also see them directly on Sky and with lower latency, but the advantage is that you can watch a different channel from being watched in the main point, which is not possible with a slave. This came in handy when my wife was watching any sports on TV in the living room and I wanted to see another in the Office.

Applications on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Applications on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Options on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Options on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B, operation

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B, operation

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B, operation

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B, operation

Applications on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Applications on the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Not tested even put videos on a pendrive, but with the TV Media Player could directly access the my network sharing The Synology Diskstation. I tested several of the videos I captured of my VHS using the Diamond VC500. A positive point is that the Panasonic Viera recognizes the aspect (4:3 or 16:9) the videos automatically, something that Sony Bravia does not. But the negative aspect is that she doesn't deinterlaces interlaced videos, something that Sony Bravia does very well. Thus, the interlaced videos wind up getting ugly and bad to watch.

The Media Player of Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B access my videos directly from the

The Media Player of Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B access my videos directly from the

The Game 7 of the NBA Finals that I recorded in 720 p (original resolution of ESPN) is perfect in Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

The Game 7 of the NBA Finals that I recorded in 720 p (original resolution of ESPN) is perfect in Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

But the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B unfortunately not deinterlaces the Intercontinental Cup of video 1992 I recorded at 480i (original resolution of Band)

But the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B unfortunately not deinterlaces the Intercontinental Cup of video 1992 I recorded at 480i (original resolution of Band)

Netflix also worked well and brought a pleasant surprise. You can view the time information, resolution, etc. as in the application of the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4, something that is not possible on Sony Bravia. This feature is useful for Diagnostics. When my Netflix does not reach 1080 p resolution, I know there's something wrong with my connection.

Netflix on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV" - TC-40DS600B

Netflix on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV″ – TC-40DS600B

Information from Netflix on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV" - TC-40DS600B

Information from Netflix on Panasonic Viera 40 Smart TV″ – TC-40DS600B

From the image menu there are the traditional backlight settings, contrast, brightness, color, Matiz, sharpness, color temperature, etc. There is also an option of intense color and a light-adaptive control, that apparently acts as a dynamic contrast. There is also a light sensor, that adjusts the image according to the brightness of the scene. Finally there is noise and noise reduction MPEG.

There are also some presets, “Dynamic”, “Normal”, “Cinema”, “True Cinema”, and “Personalize”. Interestingly there is no way “Game”, but as I'm not using this TV for gaming didn't bother to measure latency.

There are also audio presets “Standard”, “Music”, “Dialogue” and “User”. There are serious adjustments, acute, balance sheet, surround, automatic gain control, among others. The SPDIF audio output you can select between AUTO and PCM.

On the remote control for a button “Ultra Vivid” that leaves the colors very much alive, with settings for Football, Novel and drawings. Gives a beautiful impact and draws attention, but it's not something I go use the day to day. For those who like exaggerated contrast and saturation is a full plate, but I like to see a more realistic image.

Slave point of Sky

For the slave point of Sky could not use more Baluns, How was on CRT TV, because I wanted the slave point was with Full HD resolution. So, the Baluns get the CRT TV and I started using my Set HDMI Extender over network cable, that worked perfectly.

A very negative point Panasonic Viera is she proved unable to decode Dolby Digital audio coming through the HDMI input. Both Dolby Digital 2.0 as Dolby Digital 5.1 are not recognized and the TV's changes. This is quite inconvenient with the Sky, because multiple channels offer Dolby Digital sound. Of course I can configure the Sky decoder to send only stereo PCM sound on output, but the main point I have the Receiver Yamaha, that decodes Dolby Digital and makes good use of the 5.1 channels. So, I'm having to switch between PCM and Dolby Digital when using the slave point or the main point, respectively.

Again for comparison, Sony Bravia receives and decodes perfectly both Dolby Digital 2.0 as Dolby Digital 5.1. It's a shame that Panasonic has not followed the same path. Acquire a external decoder to try to solve this problem, but I'm still awaiting your arrival.

The fate of the CRT TV

As I mentioned, give up the CRT TV was totally out of the question. So I tried to find a place for her. Brought home a drawer that I had left in my parents ' House and I put it on it. The Master System II is plugged in it, ready to be played, with Pistola Light Phaser and the Master Everdrive with all games. I left her the digital TV receiver and the balun to continue watching the Sky.

The CRT TV with the Sega Master System Light Phaser gun II

The CRT TV with the Sega Master System Light Phaser gun II

Final considerations

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40" - TC-40DS600B

Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B

Thinking about all the pros and cons, I can say that I am pleased with the Smart TV Panasonic Viera 40″ – TC-40DS600B. Given the current options, If I had to buy again, She would again be my choice. I'm glad I didn't open the 1080 p. And even with the Chromecast 2 Neither would have a Smart TV, because she still does some tasks better than the Chromecast 2. For those who have enough space, might be worth checking out the models of 43 inches from LG. I'm curious to see how they do with the Dolby Digital sound and with interlaced video, a pity that the height of them have eliminated them from my choices.

About the author


Skooter is a computer scientist and the founder of Skooter Blog. He is interested in everything related to technology and he likes to save money by making his purchases directly from abroad.

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  1. 1
    Stevens Grania

    friend you already tested her bluetooth?

    1. 1.1

      Had not tested. But I just did a test by connecting to a JBL Flip 2 and it worked perfectly.

  2. 2

    Excellent review, can you tell what difference the 40DS600B to 40CS600B ? The other one I mentioned is more expensive.

    1. 2.1

      I also saw the 40CS600B when I was buying, but the only differences that I noticed were:
      – refresh rate: 120 Hz in 40CS600B and 480 Hz in 40DS600B.
      – a USB port in 40CS600B
      – different feet

  3. 3
    Anderson Oliveira

    I just purchased this same TV model that you.
    I had a LG 32 and gave problem, not long ago my mother-in-law also had problem with a LG 42, then, I was afraid to buy another LG.
    I have good references from Panasonic, but I would like your opinion… She presented a problem since when you bought?

    1. 3.1

      Not, no problem in these 5 months of use.

      1. 3.1.1

        What software is used in smart? Is a homeowner gives Panasonic?

        1. Skooter

          The Panasonic does not inform. Must be owner.

  4. 4


    I'm considering buying this model. The Cabinet where I put the television is a shelf of old wall, then the tv space is designed for CRT TVs (they had a proportion 4:3 and were more narrow). I had a Sony Bravia 40′ (It was stolen) that, Although it was wider than the existing space, fit on the shelf if you stayed on the edge, even though thick, Thanks to the base type used (a horizontal base). Although the 40ds600b seem to be very thin, I'm afraid that the feet of the 40ds600b can be a source of problems in my mobile.

    Can you post a photo side (or top) showing the thickness of television and the feet? If you will send to an email, Please send to rafael at abstratt.com.



    1. 4.1

      Olá Rafael,
      Following a photo:

  5. 5

    Have you tested the USB and can tell me if it worked perfectly and with that file format your HD/Flash Drive was? (FAT/NTFS and the ability)

    1. 5.1

      I only used the USB to power the Chromecast. Not tested hard drives and Flash drives.

  6. 6

    I decided to buy this Smarttv, but I'm afraid at one point in which no place left me of course. Has Integrated Digital Converter ?

    1. 6.1


  7. 7
    Cristiano Zeverino

    Hello, I can take a course? This TV has put all LG IPS Panel? You can see the TV from every angle without losing color, contrast, quality? I have a LG monitor/TV 24″ full HD, that is very good, but it's not IPS and if the TV is fixed higher, or if it is installed correctly, at the same angle to watch the couch, and YOU watch lying on the couch, Hi sitting on the floor, If you are not looking forward, If you look a little more bass, come on, Lynette screen too, essuras same scenes is terrible,
    Do you know if the same happens with this Panasonic or if you can get quality in any angle?

    1. 7.1

      The Panel is not IPS. But I've looked for multiple angle and didn't notice a difference in screen.

  8. 8
    Cristiano Zeverino

    Her sound is good? She has sound 20RMS, I've always had a preference for LG more but come without the internet browser LG 43 sound of 10RMS, in the more, from what I saw in your review I think she's going to meet with me off, just to see digital TV and netflix…

    1. 8.1

      Yes, inside of what is possible in an LCD TV the sound is good Yes.

  9. 9
    Cristiano Zeverino

    MT thanks for the replies I bought a hj, but I can't make it appear the netflix Info, How do you appear on your? Great tv, great first impressions

    1. 9.1

      There's no way. Netflix has removed this functionality of new versions. Here no longer appears even on TV Panasonic nor the PS4.

  10. 10
    Welton Machado

    How to make the TV work on 480HZ function? Wanting to use this TV on an Xbox 360. She is recommended?

    1. 10.1

      I believe that it always works in 480 Hz. She doesn't have a Game mode. I can't tell you how much the input lag her.

  11. 11
    Cristiano Zeverino

    Back netflix information.
    And just for the record, She's not IPS as you said, and also not noticed any loss in quality oitros angles, and comparing with a LG 32 with IPS Panel of my brother, I think the VA Panel of the panasonic does not lose anything to IPS from LG, It is really a great TV.

    1. 11.1

      Thanks for the warning. Now it's even better, showing the bit rate beyond the resolutions.

  12. 12
    Marco Melo

    First congratulations on the review of 40ds600b ! Super detailed and well written !

    I wonder if you noticed any update of apps that make us believe that in the future the Panasonic can integrate the new Amazon App for Video movies ??
    thank you

    1. 12.1

      Hello, thank you.

      I don't usually get into the store to see if there are new applications. I after reading your comment, and comparing with the photo that I made to the article, I see a new application in the section “Features” What is the Vizbee. In other sections did not take pictures, so it's hard to know. But apparently, at least for the time being the Panasonic is updating the store.

  13. 13
    Luciana Lana

    I couldn't install the sky on my tv, is a black screen and not open the menu of the sky. Can you explain to me how to set up? Am I doing something wrong? I await return.

    1. 13.1

      Can you give more details? You've reached the HDMI output of the decoder in one of the HDMI inputs on TV?

  14. 14

    Hello I tried confugurar the sky on my tv which is the same model but not got success, everything is black thought it was problem with the hdmi inputs but tested chromecast (the only device with hdmi that I had) and the tv recognized. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. 14.1

      Hello. In another TV works? Have you tried changing the HDMI cable? What comes with the decoder is no big deal, It is common to need to change.

  15. 15

    Congratulations on the review of your Smart TV Skooter! Realmente em pouquíssimos lugares e produtos encontramos uma avaliação tão completa quanto a sua 🙂

    Estou pronto para pagar o boleto de uma Panasonic igual a sua (40DS600B) ou então a mesma série Viera, porém com 32 inches (32DS600B).

    Está tudo certo com sua TV? Você ainda recomendaria a compra?
    Another doubt: ela funciona bem com HD Externo ou pendrive na porta USB?

    Thanks buddy, bom final de semana!

  16. 16

    Olá Skooter, good afternoon!
    Parabéns pela qualidade deste review sobre a Smart TV, realmente é muito difícil encontrarmos uma descrição como a sua na Internet sobre qualquer outro produto 🙂

    Estou com dois boletos prontos para pagar, mas estou só decidindo se compro uma Panasonic igual a sua (40DS600B) ou uma de 32 inches (32DS600B) da mesma série Viera.

    Você está gostando do produto e realmente recomendaria comprar este modelo de 40″? Está atendendo suas expectativas?
    Another doubt: você consegue conectar HD Externo ou pendrive normalmente na TV?

    Abraços e bom final de semana! 🙂

    1. 16.1

      Olá Rodrigo,
      Eu optei pela de 40porque a de 32não é Full HD. Estou satisfeito com ela e se tivesse que comprar de novo seria ela outra vez.
      Pendrive e HD Externo eu nunca tentei usar, acesso vídeos direto no meu NAS. A USB da TV uso só para alimentar o Chromecast. Dependendo de onde você instalar a TV o USB também ficará de difícil acesso.
      []s e bom final de semana para você também.

  17. 17

    Amigo aqui em casa tive um problema com minhas TVs e vou ter que comprar outra. Estou interessado nessa, but the question is with regard to usb. I saw several people complaining that it does not detect pen drive and external hd. Here I use a lot the usb port for movies and if she will not iso my use. I saw that you didn't get to test it for that purpose, But if possible would you put any video on the Flash drive and hd test ? Was the only complaint I read about this tv and if that occurs it would be a shame, Since it is very common for this kind of use. Thank you and congratulations on your analysis of the TV.

    1. 17.1

      Ok, tested here an external HD and a pendrive.
      Western Digital My Passport External Hd: Did not work. Is making clicks, characteristic of insufficient power.
      Pendrive Sandisk Cruzer Blade: Worked normally. As soon as I inserted the Flash drive was detected. Opening the Media Player appeared the video that I put in it. Open the video and he also.

      Apparently the TV does not provide enough current to power a USB port without external HD. I believe that a HD with external source would work, but I don't have any here to test.

      1. 17.1.1

        Thanks buddy. I'm looking for a tv, Lightning near here and burned my tv and I'm still in the fight to try to fix them, and I found this tv for a good price. With respect to films by usb always transferred movies lately to the Flash drive, because I've had hard drives that gave problem after so much use on tv. My fear was not detect nor the pen drives. I use netflix a lot too and from what I read works fine. Did you ever test srt subtitles in the video and if it is detected, with color change options ? Thanks for the questions.

  18. 18
    João sutim de moraes

    Good afternoon, I would like to congratulate for the comments of smarttv panasonic, I wonder if she has the mirroring feature with Smartphone and nots.

    1. 18.1

      Good afternoon John,
      Thank you. I know she doesn't have a mirroring feature.

  19. 19
    Fábio Camacho

    Olá Skooter,

    already enabled “My Home Cloud” her via Panasonic website?

    As proceeded with her PIN? This is what I'm hitting me …

    My model is the 32DS, but is your twin software parameters

    In fact I decided to purchase the PANASONIC after researching several reviews (in my case 32”…) and I thought your assessment accurate and complete. Of congratulations.

    Let hug,

    Fábio Camacho

    1. 19.1

      Hello Fabio,
      I don't know this feature. I couldn't find anything on my TV.
      Thank you.

  20. 20
    Ivan Og

    I wonder if the Smart TV Panasonic CT 40DS600B is compatible with the Logitech Keyboard K400r. Welcome.

  21. 21
    Jorge Mello


    I wonder if the analog audio output has a fixed volume or you can control the volume for this output TV control?

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