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Adjusting the colors of Atari 2600 – Part 2

A few days ago I published here in Skooter Blog article Adjusting to nuance not Atari 2600. This article is a continuation. With help Trebor, from the AtariAge Forum, I found a better way to adjust the colors of the Atari 2600. The precision is greater, but it is also far more laborious.

To make the procedure it is necessary to use the Color Bar Generator VideoSoft's with help of Harmony Cartridge (or original cartridge with this ROM, It should be somewhat rare).

Trebor explained also that the trimpot within the Atari 2600 It's not a hue control, but rather an adjustment in the number of degrees between the various hues.

When you connect a Atari 2600 well calibrated, with the circuit still cold, the initial screen of the Color Bar Generator appears with the same tone at the top and bottom. In this case, the degrees of separation are approximately 25,7, and the tones of the track 1 are very similar to Ribbon colours 15. In this way the console displays a palette of 120 cores.

Color Bar Generator with Atari 2600 set and still cold

Color Bar Generator with Atari 2600 set and still cold

But as the Atari 2600 will heating up, the bottom of the home screen Color Bar Generator It gets darker, with a brown tone, In contrast with the Green top, that does not change. The result will be an offset in degrees of separation, that ideally will arrive at something around 25,7 a 27,7 degrees. This configuration places the Ribbon colours 15 between the tones of the track 1 (golden) and the range 2 (orange), so that the console is a palette of 128 cores.

Color Bar Generator with Atari 2600 adjusted and already hot

Color Bar Generator with Atari 2600 adjusted and already hot

The secret then is to use the Color Bar Generator to adjust the tones of the top and bottom of the home screen to stay the same while the console is still cold. Sounds easy, but the console heats up quickly and the tone changes while we are adjusting. It is necessary to leave the console cool for at least 45 minutes to then test the result.

I had to do the procedure some 4 or 5 times to get it right. The ultimate test is to turn on the console after at least 45 minutes off, Enter the Color Bar Generator as soon as possible and see the two colors equal. If the bottom is greener than up or already pending for brown before the console to heat up, It will take more adjustment, that needs to be done quickly before the console heat. The new test after coming after 45 minutes with the console powered off.

As I said, the procedure is labor intensive, the trimpot is very sensitive, but the result is very rewarding.

Below I leave the video of the test that confirmed the correct configuration. After I ran some games to give the colors adjusted.

Enduro no Atari 2600 After adjusting

Enduro no Atari 2600 After adjusting

Pitfall on Atari 2600 After adjusting

Pitfall on Atari 2600 After adjusting

Pitfall 2 on the Atari 2600 After adjusting

Pitfall 2 on the Atari 2600 After adjusting

Trebor also confirmed that the palette of the Atari 2600 in LCD TVs is actually kind of greenish, and you have to make a series of adjustments on TV to make it more like the palette of a CRT TV. The video above was made with default settings Framemeister to the S-Video input.

I tried to make the same adjustment to the Atari 2600 the Polyvox, but I did not succeed. The trimpot It's too sensitive, even to the touch, always circling. I tried to clean contacts, unsuccessfully, I think that needs to be replaced. The colors also seem a little altered, even at the top of the screen Color Bar Generator. It certainly needs some adjustment in addition to the trimpot can offer. It's a pity, because it has never been opened, has the factory seals Polivoks.

I still have to test my other Atari 2600 the Polyvox, to see if the colors are correct and adjust it, If necessary. His colors always seemed more correct, but there is a slight noise (white spots) that appears in the RF signal that I couldn't eliminate still. Maybe you need some Exchange of capacitor. He would be a good candidate for a RGB mod etim, but fear spoils it when trying to install against.

Thought about buying another Atari 2600 the Best Electronics and send directly to a Modder USA, which is representative of the etim in the USA, but all models of Atari 2600 are sold out on Best Electronics, no return forecast and certainly will not return this year.

Furthermore, a room with RGB console would mean I would need another RGB Switch, because my only has 3 doors. Would have to get in line to buy a gscartw on his next shipment.

Ultimately, are high investments, so for now I'm going to be content with the Atari VCS with mod for S-Video and Composite Video connected to the Framemeister in the LCD TV in the room. I am also to fit a corner retrogamer with a CRT TV where I should call one of the two Ataris the Polivoks, via RF even, In addition to my Master System II, mainly for games with the Light Phaser, my Mega Drive III and a second Super Nintendo I have stopped here.

If in the future have an Atari with RGB, He assumes the LCD TV and the Atari VCS with mod for S-Video and Composite Video goes to the CRT.

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