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Is not this interesting,
Who's watching House of Artists should already be aware that the Xis said he did not like the Mariana, because she would have said before entering that would not take jewelry for the home because the Xis would steal them. Mariana denied as saying that.
But I recently read in a newspaper that the Mariana really would have said so, but thinking who would go home was the African-X, which is also rapper. She would have said so in the House.
I do not know if this story is true, because the SBT has not passed anything, but it is possible that someone has seen on DirecTV or UOL, and that the SBT has chosen to not put in issue.
Good, Now comes the interesting part, a Simony (that annoying presenter boring children's programs that grew and became even more boring) is willing to process the Mariana for saying that the African-X is bandit.
Now, the guy is doing time because he was convicted of theft, he is then? An honest citizen? 🙂 Eu nem vou dizer o que ele é porque: that will suddenly discover that Simony Blog and want to also sue me right?
E pra completar a palhaçada agora fiquei sabendo que o bandi… ops, African-X rapper came out of prison to make a liposuction. Ah, c'mon right?

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