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Aee, let's talk movies, I saw this week “Or Fifth Element”, eu is, is old, but I had never seen. Well esquistinho the movie, nor? Different, but not bad.

Midweek also saw again (I have lost many times I saw account) “Um Sonho de Liberdade”, a very good movie, for those who have not watched I recommend, and. É difícil entender como o Stephen King consegue fazer uma história tão legal quanto a deUm Sonho de Liberdadee outra tão imbecil quantoCujo”, “Trucks” or “Christine”. And just to be on the list, are the average: “CarrieA Estranha” and “Fenda no Tempo” (of the Langoliers).
Important note: I am evaluating here only the movies, I have not read the books of Stephen King that gave rise to such films.

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