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Ae, there added a pro Blog link ||UnReal||, see there that's cool.
He and the Du_Coelho say also read this blog. If this is true it means that I already have 3 readers – oh! 🙂contando tambĂ©m o Geleya-

Ah, Carol also has said that, said, said he would create her blog and created nothing. Depois que ela foi pro Integrado nĂŁo Ă© mais a mesma 😉

Ah, and if you have any anonymous visitor or reader who has not yet manifested, por favor se manifeste que eu quero saber como anda minha audiĂȘncia… =)

Driko was one of those who visited, blog spoke evil, mas na verdade ele morre de vontade de ter um 🙂

E Jan, thanks for visiting also, is not sad not, excuse. You know I wanted to have gone, but it is complicated right. But when you least expect I still do surprise you, I promise. And this time do not want to see you sad, want to see you happy, 're beautiful? ;*

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