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Hello everybody,
I'm posting here again, First I would scold a child of p *!* que estava dirigindo uma caminhonete sentido Limeira -> Rodovia Washington Luís pouco antes do pedágio. There's nothing more annoying than a stupid guy who I've never heard that one should keep a distance from the vehicle that is in front, especially when you have no way to change lanes and even walk faster because the radar. At such times I wanted to have those accessories of the James Bond movies. And worse he was still carrying a guy in the back. Where is the traffic police when you need it?

As for comments posted, we will answer them:
Adriano: So what is pharmacy Unimed, cellular, blablabla? Out and about and screaming ué, was no excuse this, o troféu ainda é seu 😛 E eu gostaria de lembrar que os acessos a este blog são logados e não é mentira não, someone has accessed Esalq, tsc tsc 🙂
As for my shrinking, guarantee was only at the time it, o restante continua igual 😛
E obrigado pela divulgação gratuita que está sendo feita 🙂

And after all, Pig who is Spirit???

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