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Aee, and finally everybody was expecting that I post my comments about Oscar: vão continuar esperando porque eu não vou fazer nenhum comentário sobre o Oscar 😉

Hoje eu peguei o finalzinho deQuem Vai Ficar Com Mary?” (“There’s Something About Mary”) the Globe, movie that had previously assisted and recommend, is a good comedy. I watched about five minutes and was already feeling bad with that terrible voice acting and decided to risk the SAP button that does not always work. Although it worked sound ruinzinho. De início não pude dizer o mesmo das legendasClosed Caption”, that were not showing up. And suddenly they began to appear, and in Portuguese. Finally you can watch movies on without getting sick globe with dubbing poorly made. It's a shame that the signal is bad and sometimes the SAP add sound. “Congratulations” aos comerciantes de Rio Claro responsáveis por tirar a Globo do UHF e torná-la o único canal em VHF (track suffering much interference) forcing everyone to buy those damn antennas. And you know why they did it? Because this change to VHF also exchanged EPTV Campinas by EPTV San Carlos, for commercial latter cost cheaper. In other words, to benefit some traders entire population had to spend money on antenna, cables, mixers, etc. It's slapstick or not?

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