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AEE, first day of UFSCar, já me sinto um mestre 😉
Sorry ae several days without update, foi um problema sériode falta de vontade 🙂
The UFSCar, now I know 3 gates, lack only 1 for I know all, Wow!!!
Ah, and the coolest is that 6:50 in the morning I was there waiting a guy who tava not yet ready, and know by what he was not ready? I know. He was really not ready because 6:30 da mesma manhã ele tava perdendo tempo lendo esse blog 🙂 É incrível, is the height of futility, was watching the reports and have access to Sunday early morning, eita falta do que fazer 😉
And to enjoy the moment, also had a guy who took some posters there at UFSCar, saying that would paste, bla bla bla, but it seems that he was afraid, hahah 🙂 E voltou quietinho, or say anything of the posters. I left and not remembered it, now that I remember, ahahahahahahahaahahaahahaahahahahaah!!!!! !!!! 🙂

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