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Aee, let's take a moment purchases large blunders of the week (in random order strictly):
1) Romario're still not in the selection :/
2) Pelé não sabe dar bandeirada 🙂
3) The Ferrari of Rubens still unfinished races, Schumacher but the ends of all, strange…
4) Carol has not set up her blog, Só enlists, tsc, tsc 😉
5) Gasoline will rise again, this time because of a little fight in the Middle East Beast, know that people who live fighting, it is. And engraçado is that less than 30% Brazil's oil comes from outside, however there will be an adjustment of like 100% Oil from outside. In other words, it's just a nice excuse to increase profits. É o Brasil 🙂
6) Warner has not appeared in the Season launch 1 de Friends em DVD no Brasil
8) Thousands of Brazilians do not even know how to count to ten
9) I started trying to “compose” an arrangement on guitar, I was changing, changing, changing and when it finally became law discovered they were exactly the same chords “All Nights” Initial Capital do. É f * @ ^!
10) This blog is by far my page unsuccessful since the first I did in 1997. A quantidade de acessos diários é ridícula 🙂

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