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Good, let's review the comments bustling, ill-intentioned, precipitates, lustful, harmful, acintosos, insolent, arrogant and pedantic again. The guy that complains is the most quoted person in blog, and could not fail to be, says everything I post and his fixed IP appears every day in the report, sometimes appears more than once, and pior, in absurd times. Other visitors have dynamic IP and it is difficult to know who. And if it is for a joke, have to make fun of those who will read right. What good zoar who does not read? 🙂
Ah, do not write email with Aurelio on, na verdade meu dicionário é o Michaelis 🙂 E eu sou um cara culto mesmo, with a very large vocabulary.
As for scolding, has nothing to do same, but it's not like you'd want to stay there in San Carlos to a 8 Night in the registration day right?
And I know the original names are replaced when the story in question can undermine the integrity of the, in the case of criminals that have not yet been tried, people who do something illegal or immoral and resolve to give interviews to newspapers or magazines, characters of erotic stories, etc, etc, etc. Definitely not the case with the story I told, that does not harm the integrity of anyone.
Natáliatambém será o nome do meu single que sai ainda este ano, few months before the release of my album: “Survivorque trará na primeira página do encarte a fraseO CDP morreu, mas ele sobreviveu”.

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