Do not buy products featured in commercials dubbed

This makes time to talk to me and always forget, wanted to do a review of all commercial dubbed TV, The most recent example is a powder of a mark, not even remember what, I think it's Ariel. The trade has a pretty stupid script, but this is common in soap powder commercial. O único comercial de sabão em pó criativo que já vi até hoje foi um do finadoQuanto”, presented by that guy from Bombril, onde a dona de casa mudoupara Quanto. Who remember know it's funny.

But voiced that I was referring to is one in which a nun is washing clothes and the Mother Superior is complaining that she would be using softener (that typical idiot script), but the sad thing is that the commercial is voiced, and good evil voiced. Other examples of badly-dubbed commercial, to name two very bad: The Colgate the three urchins and passing a fit of the floor: I do not know what I flower festival.

I do not know what is the reason to make a dubbed commercial, I think the actors do not have a proper voice pro and commercial voice actors do not have adequate commercial the guy. And instead of hiring a real actor they prefer to do these ridiculous voiceovers.

You know that oath that every learner has to do on graduation day? I think in the Advertising staff should make them swear never to make a dubbed commercial, putz, is too bad,.

I will start a campaign here: DO NOT buy FEATURED PRODUCTS IN COMMERCIAL DUBBED!!!

And the people who likes to get forward in giving e-mail with protests so: please send this message to your friends, façam isso por mim 😉

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