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I will now comment on an episode of my favorite design: The Simpsons that is causing the most controversy. The newest episode of the current season (13ª) is titled “Blame It On Lisa” and satiriza or Brasil.
In this episode, the Simpson family comes to Brazil and the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paul”: “during travel, Homer Simpson, the head of household, is abducted by a taxi driver in Rio. Furthermore, Family discovers that the money sent was used to put a door in the orphanage where was Ronaldo, to avoid entry of macaques. Já Bart, the 'nudger’ two Simpsons, is attacked by monkeys in the middle of Copacabana boardwalk.”

A more complete summary of the episode can be found aqui no “The Globe”

I have not seen the episode, as the Fox in Brazil has a certain delay with respect to American Fox, but I'm downloading via KaZaA. When you have seen I can give more details and a better defined view.

A Riotur, City Hall tour company in Rio de Janeiro, Go processar Fox (production design) for damages, because the design is a negative image of Brazil. Important detail: The Fox is triggered by Riotur in American justice, in other words, Judging will be done by the Americans.

Now my opinion: what I think is that The Simpsons satirizes everyone, including their own American, a drawing is politically incorrect and therefore so successful. Simpsons will not stop being my favorite design so. As to the absurd, as the attack of wild monkeys in Rio de Janeiro, only serves to confirm what everyone already knows: Americans are ignorant :), has no notion of Geography, think that Brazil is a large forest and so on. What The Simpsons show is really what Americans think of Brazil, many think even worse. Most of them probably do not realize that we also think watching Simpsons because here there is no television.

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