April 07 2002

Trophy Press

Good, now let's review some of the trophy winners Press:

Singer: Ana Carolina
Not know that right singer, but as Ivete Sangalo and Vanessa Camargo competitors are a bag, acho que foi uma boa escolha šŸ™‚

Encouraging or TV Presenter: Hebe Camargo
Good choice, the Hebe is probably the best presenter same. And the other two competitors: the unbearable Xuxa, who taught all the little girls who are entering adolescence that to have a daughter you do not need a husband; And no less unbearable ex-girlfriend of Ayrton Senna, Adriane Galisteu, sim fiz questĆ£o de citar o Ayrton Senna porque se nĆ£o fosse por ele ninguĆ©m nunca teria ouvido falar da tal Adriane šŸ™‚

Set Musical: Initial Capital
This came to show that the current national music still has salvation. And the best is that the KLB not received any vote, mais do que justo pra essa bandinha que destruiuOlhar 43do RPM. Putz, atĆ© o CDP faria melhor šŸ™‚

Among the other classes I did not have much to comment. Best TV news presenter is the same Boris Casoy, the guy is really good at it. What about the categories related to novel, I can not say because I do not watch.

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