Simpsons no Brasil, part 2

What about the Simpsons, just watched the episode, e é muito engraçado 🙂
Bullshit this business of wanting to sue, neither will go nowhere, Simpsons is politically incorreto, zone all minorities, mock Americans themselves.
In this episode the absurdities like that of monkeys walking around town, etc. Was placed because they wanted to show how Americans see Brazil, and as I said, Americans are ignorant, they really think that Brazil is a large forest and everyone is playing football and doing all day carnival. The producers probably are not ignorant, zoaram but with the ignorance of the American people. Funny that none of the newspapers that published this news drew this conclusion, I think none of them ever saw the drawing. Realmente quem lê este blog fica mais bem informado 🙂

Regarding the kidnapping of Hommer, or corrupt police, homosexuals in the carnival and presenting children's show semi-naked. Now? Vai say what? What has kidnappings in Brazil? 🙂 Tudo o que mostraram é o que realmente acontece, pra seqüestros everywhere, police corruption and full of television “paquitas”, dancers, etc. seminude.

And people out there know that, this is the image that will go off in Brazil. Unfortunately Brazil sells what's worse here. Even national films, what they show? The good side of Brazil?

The Simpsons Brazil showed exactly the way that Americans think he is, with hits and misses.

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