So personal, depois de algum tempo de falta de entusiasmo pra escrever em blog eu resolvi voltar ūüôā

Obviously nobody cares, after all no one even reads this blog. Provavelmente ningu√©m est√° muito interessado em saber o que eu achei do Trof√©u Imprensa ou do epis√≥dio dos Simpsons no Brasil ūüôā Ali√°s, I translate and subtitle this episode, Who has patience may try to catch on KaZaA or ask me to find another way to spend.

Ah, be careful to say everything they think and feel for others, this is extremely dangerous, especially when told the wrong people. Sometimes it's better to save oneself. Some things should never be said.

I will do two things I never did in my blog: put the lyrics to a song and talk about my life, My current moment:

Letter: Renato Russo
Music: Dado Villa-Lobos / Russo / Marcelo Bonf√°

And even without seeing you
I even think I'm doing well
Only appear so to speak
When should appear
Or when I want

Drawing entire sidewalk
Finish chalk has brick building
I scribble the sun
The rain erased

I want you to know
I remember
Wanted to you could see me

You're still part
What makes me strong
And to be honest
Just a little bit unhappy

But okay
It's all right
It's all right

It's all right
It's all right
It's all right

Here comes here comes here comes again
I think I'm liking someone
And it's you
I will not forget

Ah, you want to know where I talked about my current time? Now, is the music itself, it says it all, pra quem tem paci√™ncia de interpretarūüėČ

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