Ae, let's talk a bit about Andreza

Know when it takes a long time to respond to us on IRC? It's because she is writing on her blog knows… And imagine the difficulty, she has two blogs, one public and one secret!!! Only she herself… 😉

And that fear I see the secret blog, hein!!! 🙂 Mas tudo bem, ela é tava legal see cheerful hoje, was already thinking miss seeing her so. Só to acordado essas horas por causa dela 😛

And it's also very smartass, pulls, I count an episode as innocent and she was looking for my ulterior motives in history… Wow, Deza, I'm not so right… 🙂 Com isso ela foi minha primeira amiga a saber quem é que está no “final do giz”, but okay, eu confio nela e sei que ela não vai publicar no Diário Oficial 😉

And let me sleep that Saturday is a day of work. Perdi a Fenasoft e ainda vou perder o primeiro tempo do jogoÊê vida! 🙂 Podia passar sem essa né, mas o Adão tinha que comer aquela maldita fruta e fazer a gente ter de trabalhar 😛 Mas tá bom, after all it is important that we have to be able to continue health.

Until next time…

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