The rules…

Today I learned some things that reminded me of an episode of Friends, or to be more exact, the 12th episode of season 5 of Friends, the title is “The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh”.
In this episode, Ross is with Janice, (for those who do not watch, Janice is a former girlfriend of Chandler). At the end of the episode he (Ross) vai talk to Chandler:

Ross: I just wanted to tell you something before you heard it from someone else and I hope this isn’t too weird, but uh, I had uh, a thing with Janice. (He laughs, his real laugh this time.) What you’re-you’re not mad?

Chandler: Why would I be mad?

Ross: Well, because y’know there are certain rules about this kind of stuff. You don’t uh, you don’t fool around with your uh, friend’s ex-girlfriends or possible girlfriends or girls they’re related to.

Sorry, I'm too lazy to translate What I meant is that I agree with Ross, true friends should not disregard these “rules”, or for really difficult should at least consult the friend in question and see if everything is OK. In the case of Chandler would be OK, but Ross should have asked before, not after.

You are also given the message for everyone who considers himself my friend, because they screw up that way you can be sure it will be scratched off my list, already chalked a false friend a few years ago for something similar and do not want to scratch any more. For me it has no justification, NEM bebida, nem nothing.

And this was no indirect, ok? I do not like to judge anyone, much less someone I do not even know. Just this fact reminded me of old episodes (Friends of my life and) and I decided to comment, give my opinion personal and not transferable

And let me sleep that has work tomorrow…
Until next time.

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