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Today was seeing the report access and found a curious thing, 90% people who come on this blog were searching the episode of the Simpsons in Brazil with subtitles

So goes the hint, who want the episode translated by me, pode woodpecker-lo you KaZaA (looking “Simpsons legendado”) or fserve us via IRC channels # # Emuroms and the Simpsons Brasnet, ok?

Ah, also had a looking for “Adriane Galisteu” (no comments) and searching for other “As pirating DirecTV”

The more sites that send people over here are Google and Blog Geleya-

And before Adriano venha claim, I put that doll that right there was he who rode on a site where I can not tell which is. It was the time of the late CDP (our former band of beer-rock)

For now it is only… my connection're a poop today. I will not name the provider not to defame, I can only say that he is out of town.

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