Stor Trooper, Tartaruga da Brahma, TNT and dubbed films

Tahi then the link for those who want to create a Stor Trooper:

It also has the remembered as Adriano, but this I've used it once and did not like not. After all I'm much more beautiful than the guy that I created there, that did not look one bit me

Good, let me see what's interesting today: Ah, I spent the side of a Brahma truck, but what a disappointment, was not the driving turtle. I think that TV advertising is misleading.

Speaking on TV, nothing more ridiculous that TNT and its dubbed movies (ok, has original sound, but has no caption) and cut scenes. When, tava vendo hojeO Advogado do Diabo”, one of my favorite movies, and suddenly comes a shameless fadezinho and cuts a piece. I can not say for sure everything was cut, not watched all, but one of them was that Charlize Theron appears nude. Now, is part of the movie right TNT? Tsc, tsc…

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