Pato Fu burden Acústico MTV? Acústico SPC?

The Earth Portal today gave a beautiful blunder publishing the following matters:

“Pato Fu writes MTV Unplugged in Belo Horizonte”

Acoustic?? From where this reporter got the idea? There's nothing in the show that the acoustic Pato Fu recorded for MTV. They should be more careful before passing wrong information.

But speaking in sound, on Thursday received an email from a friend of mine, where she mentioned that she wanted to buy the acoustic Just To Thwart, she is a fan of them.

I have not heard the disc, weird but I think a band doing an acoustic pagoda? After all, what is the difference? After pagoda is already touched with predominantly acoustic instruments. As soon release an album with the MTV brand should be just marketing strategy, banda to have space on MTV and other channels with this format turned modinha. E clear, let's not forget that record CD and DVD with successes is an easy way to make money

Below are excerpts from the email I sent in response to my friend:


Do not even want to imagine what it must be. Another band that entered the fad of acoustic. Ok, to Roberto Carlos entered. But, u the pagoda acoustic band? I think half nothing to do. It's cool to see a rock band, with that guitar sound distorted and such, see how it is in a guitar, they are cool and melodies that can be worked. But pagoda? You lá…

Besides the Acoustic lost its essence when they started to make them longer thinking of profit and Home Video CDs / DVDs. I remember when Nirvana did their acoustic, to be just a TV show, without great pretensions. Just released on CD after the death of Kurt Cobain, and think on Home Video and DVD ever released. And that sound is one of the most sensational CDs of all time, and was totally unpretentious. The most significant band since the Beatles were there doing something totally different from your standards, and did something admirable, that even those who did not like them like.


At the same time Nirvana, Legion recorded what was the first acoustic rock in Brazil. Also just to be a TV show, e faith. MTV has just 30 minutes acoustic that almost 2 hours. All simple, nothing
overproduction, not invited, just two guys playing guitar and a guy playing percussion. And once again it was fantastic and something unpretentious, unfortunately most people could only enjoy 7 years after, when
was released on CD.

But from the Titans, all acoustic overproduction has been made to go on MTV and the next day be released on CD and DVD. Everything works really well there worthy of praise, as acoustic Paralamas eg, not that rescued the hits that everybody knows, but the old songs, Forgotten, they were not the most played, are not the best known, but they are by no means less beautiful. And why not Roberto
Carlos? I'm no fan of his, always heard with indifference, but this sound really caught my attention, very good.

But SPC??? You não viu…”

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