At Ferraristas…

Hello you, that e “Ferrari”, always hoped that the Italian team, having little cap and the flag, just does not have a car because it is absurdly expensive, ah, and that you have the car too. Congratulations, you are a BUSTER. Yes, yes, to imbecil!!! Especially you who came to cheer for the absurdity of the Senna versus Prost, at the time was the Prost at Ferrari, you are extremely BUSTER!!!!!!

Do not have much to add beyond what has already told the Globe staff, Rubens Barrichello himself and the thousands of people who booed the attitude and ridiculous unsportsmanlike Ferrari team and whoever is the son of a% $ @ * that has taken the decision.

Congratulations to Rubens Barrichello for his second victory in Formula 1, he deserved, fez on pole, was practically the first end-to-end and therefore his place was to be the highest podium, Schumacher acknowledged as its.

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