As for Sunday's race, I always comment, but this time I will not be able to do great reviews because it lacked energy for much of the race.

Needless to say what I think of Elektro, or accurate?

And for once the Brazilian people paid by government incompetence in managing something that was Brazilian people. And pior, we still have to pay for the damage their rationing, all because some jerk in addition to giving the gift CESP also put a clause saying that the government would pay the damages. Wow, business is better than this? You buy a company for an amount far less than it's worth. Der was ela profit, it is your. It ela der prejuízo, Do not worry, or government pays.

It is only in India even.
And pior, this is also true in the case of highways, in other words, if something unexpected happens and reduce traffic on highways: the government will have to pay the damage, and as always the money will come out of people's pocket.

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