May 27 2002

The wonderful world of banking TV

Those known commercial banks, where the subject is always happy, home na give, accessing the database over the Internet, by phone, or “in Fernando de Noronha” as a bank buster is making propaganda?

Essas coisas s√≥ acontecem na TV mesmo ūüôā

I called the Bank of Brazil this week:
Question: I wish I had a credit card, what it takes?
Answer: You need to come here in the agency and…

I called the Bradesco:
Question: My debit card broke, I would like to receive other…
Answer: You need to come here in the agency and…

I have several other examples, but I will not quote all.

Conclusion: Whore pariu? What good home banking if any thing is necessary to go in agency?

And nothing more stupid than the Bank of Brazil that leaves no one who has only savings account pay slips for home-banking, this is ridiculous… any decent bank allows it.

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