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And what is the true story of the Free Network?

The provider 0800 There is more than a week out of the air and no one knows exactly why.

Embratel has already said it was default.

Others think that Embratel knew of a default in Telemar and canceled the deal

They said they were going to Intelig, but Intelig must have provided a default and also fell out.

And the site is still there, just as before, without explanation. Technical support does not meet as usual.

Links by 078 Embratel cost £ 0,11 per minute. It did not take very smart to realize that the business was not feasible.

Apparently the Free Network gave a nice blow, received early users (R$ 38,00 each) and not paid Embratel. I do not know the number of users, but whatever:

Revenue: R$ 38,00 X number of users
Expense: next £ 0,00 (After all the infrastructure is Embratel they have not paid technical support and they do not even)

Some say that the coup generated a profit of many millions of reais.
It is all speculation for now, but the attitude of the Free Network does not set or a statement on the page is at least suspect.

Asked about such facts, the “president” da Rede LivreReinaldo Mendonca limitou a dizer:

Cuidado com as declarações que estão no mercado. We have not given default on anyone. Please send an email requesting the cancellation of your membership and we will be reimbursing the amount paid, according to the law determines. Our forecast of returning to work with 100% é 48 horas.

Already was a week after that and nothing. And no refund the amount paid also.
The “president” não respondeu os outros e-mails e o suporte técnico (if it exists) nor.

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