Let's talk now Brasnet Network.

During the last months of Brasnet users have witnessed many absurdities imposed by “emperor” Mauritz.

Is there any time when entering the network user is greeted with a SPAM done by the network itself Brasnet, but the worst was yet to come absurd: “Brasnet launches Regional Development Plan – PDR”

Behind a name and an acronym cute, if the plan comes to STEAL the chosen channels and pass them to the administration of Brasnet. With that administrators Brasnet could offer them to the owners of channels with the same name in Brasirc, for them to migrate to the Brasnet.

The administrators themselves stealing channels users: Absurd available! Lack of respect for the user!

Imagine the situation, there you have your channel, not too big, but you founded, trabalhou and Fez get where she. Is there chatting with your friends and suddenly the emperor Mauritz arrives and takes the channel you. I need to say more?

Estanhamente nobody thought of boycott, few have spoken out against this nonsense and everything remains in good.

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