May 29 2002

Highways, Tolls, IPVA… where do vai much money?

Who has traveled the Anhanguera highway in recent weeks has been facing a huge congestion. They decided to fix it with a bridge and traffic is diverted to another runway or is concentrated in only one of the tracks, and thereby formed congestion km, taking hours to get through it.

The last time we went through this congestion told 3 accidents, involving 6 cars in total. All incurred by the concessionaire incompetence AutoBan. Cars that come walking normally 110 Km / h suddenly find the entire track congested with parked cars and often fail to brake in time to avoid a collision. If you can not avoid congestion, the least you could do is signal the lane so that people know that traffic is stopped ahead and drive with caution.

And after enduring more than an hour of that “accelerates something quick, time 3 meters and more 1 minute”, the driver still has to pay toll normally.

And speaking of tolls, is it really necessary to charge so expensive? I will not say here that I am against tolls, after all we know that the track needs to be conserved and that this is fair value is charged to those who use. Who walked the runway Rio Claro -> Piracicaba before cloning and walk now know what I'm talking. But is it really necessary to charge so expensive?

Just go to Rio Claro San Carlos spends up to £ 3,60 no pedágio Itirapina / São Carlos. In the time it takes to return an additional $ 5,80 the toll near Rio Claro. Total: R$ 9,40. These values ​​are not abusive?

Also the roads should never have been delivered into the hands of dealers, unfortunately the Paulistas were unable to vote in the last election. It would be much better if the government had the power to administer the roads, without people put his hand in money raised, without works overpriced, and always lucros. Revenue = Expenses. We would have cheaper tolls, would pay only enough to keep the roads in order. And preferably without that service Autoban horn that has been doing in Anhanguera.

And if the money goes to keep the toll lanes, so where is that money going to IPVA?

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