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12/06 a 06/07 without posting. Caramba!!! Realmente preciso ter menos preguiça de escrever se quiser continuar tendo um blog 🙂

But summarizing June:
Brasil foi penta!!! – acho que isso todo mundo já sabia 🙂

And while that, as I have said, took the opportunity to:
subir a gasolina
subir o telefone
subir o pedágio
desvalorizar o real

In other words, here everything goes to be equal to Argentina, a diferença é que somos campeões de futebol e eles nem isso 😉

My month of June was also not the best: excess charges that I did not deserve and not help me at all. And two friends that I liked decided to take the month to let me down. I know at least one of them is reading this, it is good for her to know that I was very disappointed SAME!!! 🙁
But okay, I still believe that things can still solve.
Só espero que pelo menos a minha apresentação de seminário tenha contado algum ponto a favor pra eu ser aluno regular de mestrado no ano que vem 🙂

But the month of July has everything to be different (And it will be!):
Yesterday I had great news, que eu não quero contar ainda 😉 Mas foi muito boa.
And I did something I should have done long, long. And ended up being ten times better than I imagined.

Sometimes we think both, is so afraid that something goes wrong, and then repent for not trying. That is why we must always try, of course not everything goes right, mas é melhor se arrepender de algo que não deu certo porque não tinha que dar certo do que se arrepender de algo que não deu certo porque ficamos com medo de tentar

Viewed only, I do not just write nonsense, também dou dicas legais 😉

Ah, I wanted to warn Deza I read her blog yes, contrary to what she thinks, and just did not say it there because her blog is in trouble in comments system. Now she walks through sunk Net, não me dá mais atenção 😉 Mas o importante é que ela tá feliz e ela merece ser feliz.


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