Planet of the Apes and Swordfish

E vamos as últimas notícias da semana 😉

On Wednesday I decided to go through the video store and pick up two (a video store that charges only half lease on Wednesdays, but do not call me a hand cow's :P)

Planet of Macados: very interesting this' remake’ which actually is not a remake because it is very different from the first. But the end does not make sense, until you exit the second film to explain it no one will find a logical explanation. Alías, if we follow the theory of chaos movie any time travel (for the past) is totally wrong. But that's another story. I tried to see the ending with director's commentary, but it seems that the guy smoked a joint before writing comments, just gets rolling, are numerous “well”, “whatever”, “uhh”,…

Swordfish: another film unexpected end (and meio confused), but at least it has more convincing explanations. There are two alternate endings, but do not change much. It's a good movie in my review.

I rented this weekend: “Pearl Harbor” and “Original sin”, but has not yet watched. I make my comments after. Moreover, why is it that when I rent movie does not appear to do anything when I rent and always have a lot of stuff and just not giving time to see right? Will another law Murph?

Yesterday I did my test at Masters, 2 writing and a half hours without stopping, and still have to get through everything clean. Everything would be easier if it was done on a computer, o backspace é uma grande invenção 🙂 Não só ele como o Ctrl+C / Ctrl V, Among other facilities.

Also just taking another step in my most important “project” I still do not know if I was ahead or behind, mas espero que tenha sido pra frente 🙂 Puxa, seems I always make a point of choosing the right paths more complicated? But it's not my fault…
And do not follow the advice of Deza, but I still get there, I do not know when or how, but I get, sure, Deus is quiser.

Ah, Yesterday was also the anniversary of a friend I did not talk for a long time, I decided to call her and it was really cool to talk to her again. I think she has come here, but anyway: Congratulations! 🙂
Caramba, I'm too young to be with nostalgia of old times, nor? 🙁

And in the early hours of yesterday to today made the worst fog I have ever seen. You know those tracks that are painting pro driver know how fast walk when fog has? When gives pra ver 3 it is 60 Km / h. When gives pra ver 2 it is 40 Km / h. And yesterday you could not see any!!! Moreover, had stretches that you could not even see the track and the shoulder that divides the two lanes. I had to walk slowly, almost stopping and relying on instincts. We could not see a single plate, even when he was on top of her, even though I knew the road, senão só ia chegar hoje cedo 🙂
And even then jerks who has spent more than 100 Km / h do next. Lack of common sense…

For next week:

Coninuo with my wonderful study “CDs 90 minutes – viable or non?” 🙂 Até o momento parece que a forçada na especificação funciona na grande maioria dos rádios. This is good.

And it will be a full week of work, Then maybe I'll stay away through this blog (pra vary), but I promise to post a bit of time left over when.

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