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I am updating the blog to complain that I did not linger, only NON'll talk to is Paula Ta complaining because then she will claim that all 'post’ tem o nome dela 🙂

More weird strings being sought by people who fell into this blog:

“DivX Simpsons”:

“Charlize Theron nua”: aluga o Advogado do Diabo que você encontra 😛

“Graduation Pledge Economy”: I have no idea how it, moreover, graduation oath we forget 15 minutes after, não tem a menor importância 😉

“Plano de fundo do The King of Fighters”: que nerd 🙂 E a propósito, do not use wallpaper in Windows, only helps make you slower.

“DirecTV Piratear”: Again, and four times, gee, Ta everyone wanting to hack DirecTV.

“Formula essence of perfume”: agora tão querendo piratear perfume 🙂

“Legendas do Charlie Brown”: shii, here does not not. But Snoopy is legal!!!

“Ayrton Senna & Xuxa”: When, o how famoso, full of money, a lot of women after him and he was soon dating Xuxa, Adriane Galisteu… Realmente foi um grande piloto, mas mulher ele não sabia escolher 😉

“Little girls naked”: Another perverted pedophile, damn Internet.

Juramento de Computação”: quando chegar minha fita da formatura eu transcrevo ele pra vocês 😉

Fotos do filme Langoliers”: One of the few movies based on Stephen King stories that at least gives to watch

Video-CD de Rio de Janeiro”: It serves as a show of Keith Urban in Rio de Janeiro? 🙂

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