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And Paula,

I did not say that CIDA is boring, eu disse que ela é insuportável 🙂 A Thaís é v****, mas é bonitinha e pelo tornava as interrupções globais pra mostrar o que tava acontencendo no Big Brother menos chatas 🙂

As for your blog, muito sad trend lately. And everything has its good side but, but we can not always see. There are many things that have happened in the past that I thought were 100% ruins, but time passes and we realize that a door that closed back there allowed us to open a better one later. They say that God writes straight with crooked lines, must be true.
Ah, looks like you also like Raul Seixas (or the name of your blog is coincidence?), hears “Try Again”, this song has made me think hard in adverse situations.

You do not need to call me Animal, call me as you wish (: And my name you will eventually discover, I just can not post it here because that would reveal my “identidade secret”. It would be the same as the Clark arrive in the newsroom of the Daily Planet and yelling for everyone: “Ae staff, I'm Superman!”. Putz, traveled…

Who I dreamed? Good, este é outro mistério 🙂 Mas é alguém com quem definitivamente vale a pena sonhar

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Wandecy Medeiros

Urubu satirical

The conscious awareness of herself to meditate:
Brain, Often meat, and meat you can think of?
Reflection turns words and books, library,
All offer prayers, all geared to Mecca.
Nothing but hope, restlessness and rituals,
We need a jesus, we already have the Barabbas.
This search so deep within us by
Demonstrou up positive: cancer revealed.
Many years of faith, prayers and many tears
And no action, no Holy Spirit.
That mouth ripping in devotion, eu almejo
What is best used in a juicy kiss.
I did meditation, fasting, lots of yoga to the astral,
My column suffered a deviation transcendental.
With ten years of prayer I could get cured
An ulcer nervous, but today I'm crippled.
Criticize my harem: "This is a perdition",
Give me a heavy cross for my salvation,
But if I do not sin enough and never do evil,
What I will ask God in the final judgment?

Wandecy Medeiros: Puezya

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