Candidatos Spammers

You know those ladies known as “women's life” (did you know that a few years ago was an unprintable word bitch, newspapers, books, magazines could not use it). Well, these ladies sometimes have children, know what they do? They make unsolicited advertising via the Internet, in other words, SPAM.

And as this blog is also charitable and soon we will have elections, Here I will disclose names of candidates who are doing SPAM to get votes. I hope you readers have the good sense not to vote these guys.

First on the list is Apolinario, candidate for governor of São Paulo. Spam is those who try to impersonate message sent by mistake: “Or Fe, I received an email from a guy named Apolinario Liliane speaking that is a candidate for governor of São Paulo… Me liga…”

No. be fooled, this is SPAM, was intentionally sent to you. What you should do about it? Simple, not this guy again, and also ask your friends not to vote. Moreover, never vote for contestants who do spam, never buy products from stores that are spam, and mainly: never, NEVER buy lists of emails, not help these children of prostitutes who support SPAM.


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