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My dear blog (moreover, dear dear is not because of anything floweret), blog pitbull:

Let me sleep that is amanhã day to take Xerox (dãhnn)…

Hopefully this week will be even better than the latter.

I worked on a cool project, is gratifying to see the result of our work and say: pulls, fiz something really useful, that people will like. Making money is good, make money having fun is even better. Of course there are many more fun things, mas elas não dão dinheiro 🙂 Aliás, as they say, everything good is illegal, imoral ou engorda 😉
The weekend also worth it, 're proven that one need not even a drop of alcohol for fun (: It is very annoying when you're in the wrong place. Nothing better than the feeling of being exactly where it should be. Just lacked a little detail to be perfect… e deixa eu calar a boca 😉

And finally to kick the bucket and burn the movie, but could not care less because I'm happy with anything: finally got 512 MBytes of RAM, EEE!!! 🙂

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